Model: T

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Manuals for Model: T

Print code: MB375

Boxford Belt-drive Lathe Manual as a comprehensive Technical Data Pack. A complete, high-quality 222-page publication for all models of belt-drive Boxford lathe from earliest to last.

Print code: B907F

BUTLER Elgamill Milling and Boring Machines. 4 Detailed Sales & Technical Specification Catalogues that
shows the construction of the machines and explains their working principles
Covers the all versions of the models: CS8, CS10, CS10V, DR12VA, CSN10, DR12,
CR15V3, CR15V4, Typle L, Types T and NC, High-Power Models and Accessories. 62 pages.

Print code: H680N

Holbrook Model T Lathes Nos. 13, 15 & 17: Well illustrated and detailed Technical Sales & Technical Specification & Accessories Catalogue.

Print code: MB120M

Barber-Colman Type "T" Gear Hobbing Machine: Operating Manual.

Print code: MC384

Consolidated Pneumatic Type T Horizontal Compressor. Instruction Manual and Parts as Sectional Drawings.

Print code: MD555A

Duplomatic Type "T" all sizes Tracer (Hydraulic copying unit) Instruction Manual and exploded-parts Diagrams.

Print code: MF11A2

FANUC Model A and T Series 16i, 18i, 21i, 160i, 180i, 210i. Connection Manual (the manual describes all the NC functions required to enable machine tool builders to design their CNC machine tools. Includes:
General features of the functions, Signals, Parameters, Alarms and Messages, Reference Items. £195

Print code: MK172B

Kearney and Trecker 315-330 and 415-430 "T and F" Series Milling Machines: Plain, Horizontal and Vertical. Operator's Instruction Manual.

Print code: MK172C

Kearney and Trecker 315-330 and 415-430 TF Series Milling Machines: Plain, Universal and Vertical. Parts Manual as Exploded Component drawings.

Print code: MM362

Mini Maxi Wood-copy lathe Models T90, T100, T120, CT90, CT100 and CT120. Operator's Instruction, Instruction and Maintenance Manual with Parts as Exploded Component Drawings.

Print code: MS700W

Startrite T, V, R, RF, RWF and RWS series Band Saws: Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual and Exploded Component Parts Manual with electrical schematic.

Print code: MS700X

Startrite S, T and RF Series (10-speed) band saws: Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual with useful Exploded-components Parts Manual and electrical schematic.

Print code: MW295

WAVIS "T" Range Unit Heads - screw feed slide type. Instruction and Maintenance Manual

Print code: P9D

Parkson Model T Milling Machines. Sales, Technical Specification and Accessories Catalogue. 16 well-illustrated pages.

T Parts

9-inch faceplate for traditional Boxford belt-driven lathes as seen here. Also fits the South-Bend 9-inch...

Tailstock screw and bronze nut to fit all models of Boxford 4.5 and 5-inch centre height belt-driven lathes: Models A, B, C, AUD, BUD, CUD, VSL, ME10, Model T and TUD, CSB, etc.