Model: Compact

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Manuals for Model: Compact

Print code: MC388

Contraves Compact ADB/F (200 Series). Operating Manual and a set of Service Guides (ex-service engineer) comprising: several sets of electrical diagrams; Electrical Test and Set Up Instructions for Interact 4 with 150 TNC control, Series 1 Interact Mk.2 with TNC 150/B/TNC155A; Series 2 Interact 4 with TNC 150/B/TNC155A; WHS D/A Speed Reference PCB main spindle drive.

Print code: MD555C

Duplomatic TA "Compact Series" Hydraulic Copying Unit. Detailed setting up and Maintenance Manual with Parts Manual as exploded component diagrams.

Print code: ME350L

Emco Compact 5 Lathe and Vertical Milling Head: Highly detailed Instruction Manual and Illustrated Parts Manual with Exploded Assembly Diagrams and Wiring Schematics for the Lathe and Milling Head. Includes a comprehensive 12-page Sales, Technical Specification and Accessory Catalogue. This collection of literature represents a complete data pack for the lathe and milling head(100+ pages)

Print code: ME350P

Emco Compact 5CNC Lathe (Computer Controlled): Complete Student's Instruction Manual (262 page) with full programming details. On CD-ROM only.

Print code: ME350Q

Emco Compact 5 CNC Lathe (Computer Controlled): Complete Instruction Manual. THIS PUBLICATION IS VERY LARGE AND AVAILABLE ONLY AS A SCAN to CD-ROM.

Print code: ME350R

Emco Compact 5CNC Lathe (Computer Controlled): Electronic and Mechanical Workshop Manual with Exploded-Parts diagrams. PDF on a pen dive.

Print code: ME350Y

Emco Compact 8 Lathe: Detailed Instruction Manual and Comprehensive 76-page Workshop Manual together with the Exploded Assembly Parts Manual, wiring diagram and two copies of the comprehensive Technical Specification and Accessory Catalogue. It also covers the clones by Taiwanese makers branded "918", "Honden", Vulcan and Craftsman 549-289000, etc. This collection of literature represents a complete data pack for the lathe. Available in English, French or German.

Print code: ME351D

Emco Compact 10 Lathe: Detailed Operator's Instruction Manual including Electrical Diagrams. Includes a copy of the maker's detailed and well illustrated 16-page Sales and Specification catalogue giving the complete specification and showing all the accessories

Print code: ME351E

Emco Compact 10 Lathe: Parts Manuals as useful Exploded-component Diagrams. 96 pages.

Print code: ME351M

EMCO Maximat 3000, 3100, 4000 and 4100 "MAXIMAT Standard", "MAXIMAT COMPACT" Lathes - all versions: Comprehensive Operator's' Instruction Manual. Includes comprehensive details of the screwcutting arrangemts for metric and inch pitches and copies of all the screwcutting charts - imperial, metric and conversion - and a copy of the now rare maker's Sales and Specification catalogue. This Manual is also available with German text.

Print code: ME351N

Emco Maximat 3000, 3100, "Maximat Standard", "Maximat Compact" Lathes - all versions: Parts Manuals as superb quality Cross-Sectional Drawings. Includes a copy of the maker's Sales, Technical Specification and Accessories Catalog. The manual is in English, German and French.

Print code: MV600/ME350Y

Vulcan lathe (copy of Emco Compact 8): Detailed Instruction Manual and Comprehensive 76 page Workshop Manual together with Exploded Assembly Diagrams.