Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: ME400

EMI-MEC Auto-sprint Lathe (circa 1968/70): Operating Manual and Programming Guide.

Print code: ME400-GOP

EMI-MEC Series E AUTO-SPRINT Lathe. Operation Manual.

Print code: ME400A

EMI-MEC Auto-Sprint S Lathe: Detailed Operating & Service Manual with programming examples.

Print code: ME400BF

EMI-MEC Auto-Sprint S Lathe: "Service Notes for Faults" Manual.

Print code: ME400C

EMI-MEC Auto-Sprint S Lathe Instructions for the bar-feed and Vertical Slide Units with 5 drawings.

Print code: ME400D

EMI-MEC Auto-Sprint S Lathe: A complete set of 11 large electrical and 4 Pneumatic schematics.

Print code: ME400E

EMI-MEC Auto-Sprint S Lathe Setters Course.

Print code: ME400F

EMI-MEC Auto-Sprint S Lathe Setters Programming Course.

Print code: ME400G

EMI-MEC Sprint Lathe (1" capacity). Service Manual with Programming, Setting and Fault-finding Sections.

Print code: ME400H

EMI-MEC Series E Auto-Sprint Lathe. Service Manual.

Print code: ME400J

EMI-MEC Series E Auto-Sprint Lathe. Spares Manual.

Print code: ME400K

EMI-MEC Auto 38 and Auto 50 Service Manual for Control System.

Print code: ME400L

EMI-MEC Microsprint 32 Lathe Operator's Instruction Manual.

Print code: ME400N

EMI-MEC Microsprint 50 Lathe Operator's Instruction Manual and Maintenance Manual with 6 electrical schematics.

Print code: ME400P

EMI-MEC Auto-Herbert 2D Capstan. Service Manual.

Print code: ME400Q

EMI-MEC Drillsprint 500. Operator's Instruction Manual.

Print code: ME400R

EMI-MEC Detailed Automatic Control System Manual for the 1.5" & 2" Auto lathes. Includes Electrical and Hydraulic Schematics. Covers all aspects of the machine with 20 Programming Examples, Setting Instructions, Fault Finding, etc. £85

Print code: MH411C7

EMI-MEC AUTO-HERBERT 2D Capstan NICKOLS AUTOMATICS (EMI) Controls. Service Manual. Detailed Service Manual.