Fritz Werner

Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MW350E

Werner (Fritz Werner) 4.221 Double-spindle Milling Machine. Operating and Maintenance Manual.

Print code: MW350G

Werner (Fritz Werner) 5.131 Vertical Milling Machine. Operating and Maintenance Manual including large electrical schematics.

Print code: MW350H

WERNER (Fritz Werner) 8.100 Horizontal Milling Machine. Operating and
Maintenance Manual with Electrical Schematics. GERMAN TEXT

Print code: MW350I

WERNER (Fritz Werner) 8.102 Horizontal Milling Machine. Working Instructions with Electrical Schematic.

Print code: MW350ME

MW350ME WERNER FV3D Milling Machine. Large Electrical Schematic.

Print code: MW5414

Werner (Fritz Werner) 3.230 Vertical Milling Machine. Simple Operating Manual with electrical schematics and sectional drawings (27 pages) together a machine-specific and the the (contemporary) comprehensive and beautifully illustrated full-range 93-page Fritz Werner milling machines Sales, Technical Specification and Accessories Catalogue .

Print code: W50

WERNER (Fritz Werner) Full-range Catalogue - Milling Machines, Grinding Machines, Lathes, Drills, Dividing Heads, Milling Heads, Circular Tables, Vices, Cutters, Clamps, etc. 128 pages (small format). English, French & German Text.

Print code: W50A

W50A WERNER (Fritz Werner) Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Universal, Vertical & Plain Milling Machines Types FV1d, FV2, FH1d, FH2, FU1d, FU2. FV2d, FV3, FH2d, FH3, FU2d, FU3, FV3d, FV4, FH3d, FH4, FU3d, FU4,  FH4d, FH5d, FH5, FH6, FV4d, FV5, FV5d and FV6. 4 x Detailed Sales, Technical Specification and Accessories Catalogue Set. 44 pages. £40

Print code: W50AZ

WERNER (Fritz Werner) Machines of the 1950s. Full-range catalogue Millers Sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 with Accessories. Grinding machines, Optical Comparator and Superfine Finishing Lathe. English & German Text.

Print code: W50E

WERNER (Fritz Werner) Production Milling Machines Types 5.100, 9.100, 9.102, 5.130, 9.132, 5.101, 9.101, 9.103, 5.131 and 9.133. Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue.