Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: H354

HERCUS 9-inch Lathe Catalogue. Early edition showing the "South Bend Clone" lathes in their original configuration. 19 detailed pages.

Print code: H354A

HERCUS 260T Lathe Models ATM, BTM and CTM. Two Sales & Technical Specification Catalogues - one for the range of 260 models the other a comprehensive, well-illustrated list of all the optional extras. Includes screwcutting conversions charts for metric to inch and inch to metric. 12 pages.

Print code: H354B

HERCUS 3A Tool & Cutter Grinder and Hercus 9A Semi-universal Grinding Machine. Two Sales & Technical Specification Catalogues. 8 pages.

Print code: HM570

Hercus Lathe Data Pack - as a copy of the original 9-inch South Bend the Hercus has the same layout and arrangement of models as the English Boxford - for which a dedicated, comprehensive Operation, Maintenance Manual was issued that is ideal for use with the Hercus. The original Boxford publication has been extended and  specially put together by Tony Griffiths with the aim of providing as complete a set of information as possible. It consists of a complete 160-page publication for all models of belt-drive Boxford lathe from first to last.

Print code: HM570A

Hercus lathes "Textbook of Turning". Comprehensive coverage of hos to use the hercus clone of the 9-inch South Bend Lathe.  See: http://www.lathes.co.uk/hercus

Print code: HM570B

Hercus No. 0 Horizontal Milling Machine. Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual with some useful sectional drawings, Circuit Diagrams, Dividing Head Charts and a copy of the maker's Technical Specification, Sales and Accessories catalogue.

Hercus Parts

Changewheels (and metric to inch and inch to metric transposing gears) to fit Boxford and other South Bend 9-inch Clones (e.g. Hercus, Purcell, Smart...