Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: I70

IMPETUS (Metalmaster) Universal machine Tool. Sales and Technical
Specification Sheet (excellent illustrations) 3 pages + technical description

Print code: MC500F

Craftsman 9-inch lathe Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual and Illustrated parts List. This edition is for the very early metal-turning lathe with the multiple V-belt drive. It was also sold with "Atlas" and "Metalmaster" badging.

Print code: MM242

Metalmaster 9-inch Lathe with early "multi-belt" countershaft assembly and no backgear. This lathe was also sold as the "Atlas" 9-inch and "Craftsman Lathes" click here for pictures Rare, very early Instruction Manual and simple, Illustrated Parts Manual. Includes a copy of a rare, early Catalogue. This lathe may be marked with the following model numbers: 936, 942, 948, 954, 1042, 1042A, 1042B, 1042C.