Model: 5E

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Manuals for Model: 5E

Print code: MD369

Denbigh 3E, 4E and 5E Geared-head drills (also branded with Victoria and Elliott badging). Operating and Maintenance Manual and Illustrated Spares Manual.

Print code: MP700A

Elliott (Progress and Victoria) 3E, 4E and 5E Heavy-duty Geared-head Drills. Operating and Maintenance Manual with Illustrated Spares. Includes copies of all the appropriate Technical Sales and Specification Catalogues.

Print code: MS852/S900

Sykes: Informative and useful Data Sheets with Specifications and capabilities of a range of Sykes Gear Hobbing and Shaping Machines, the sharpening of cutters, use of hobs, cutters and much general advice about gear production: IML F6, H6 Unimat Hobbing machine, IML Sykomat S6 Gear Shaper, IML Multimat S6 Gear Shaper, 1B Horizontal Gear Generator, 1B M/C, 1B Semi-Automatic, 5E Horizontal Multi-Cutter, V6 Fine Pitch Gear generator, V10C, Shaving Tools, Accurate Unground Hobs, Sharpening Gear Shaper Cutters, Re-sharpening Shaving Tools, Re-sharpening Rotary Shaving Cutters, Hob Sharpening, G

Print code: MS8525E

Sykes 5E Horizontal Gear generator: Operator's Instruction Manual.

Print code: S225C

SIP All-Models (small-format) Catalogue dated 1964 showing the JIG BORERS: 1H, 2P, 3K, 5E, 6A, 6A-CN4, 6A-DIR, 7A, 7A-DIR, 7A-CN4, 8P. Profile projector AP-6A, Universal Measuring Support U-10, Optical Measuring Machines: MUL-300, MU-214B, TRIOPTIC, MUL-100, MUL-3000, MUL-4000. 3 Co-ordinate Measuring Machines: Hydroptic-6AM, 7AM, 6AM-CN5, 7AM-CN5, 6AM-DIR and 7AM-DIR.

Print code: S225H

SIP (SOCIETE GENEVOISE) Jig Borer No.5E. Sales and Technical Specification and Accessories Catalogue 12 pages.

Print code: S225J

SIP (SOCIETE GENEVOISE) Jig Borers No.5E and 5EA. Sales and Technical Specification and Accessories Catalogue 20 pages.