Societe Genevoise D'Instruments de Physique

Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: S225B-40

SIP (SOCIETE GENEVOISE) Full-range catalogue with pages dated 1944, 1945, 1946 and 1947 showing Jig borers Types MP-1H, 2C, 2H, 3K, 4G, Hydroptic-B, Hydroptic-7, Hydroptic-8, rotary tables, tilting rotary tables, twist drills, end mills, boring tool holders Type L, toolholders Type P, Thread Grinding Machine Type RU-2, Measuring Comparator Type F-7, Drum Dividing Machine Type MDT-65A, Circular Dividing Machine Type MDC-64B, Linear Dividing Machine Type DLA-1000, Universal Measuring Support Type U-10, Micro-Indicators MI-18 and MI-30, High Precision Micro-Indicator Type MI-6

Print code: S225C

SIP All-Models (small-format) Catalogue dated 1964 showing the JIG BORERS: 1H, 2P, 3K, 5E, 6A, 6A-CN4, 6A-DIR, 7A, 7A-DIR, 7A-CN4, 8P. Profile projector AP-6A, Universal Measuring Support U-10, Optical Measuring Machines: MUL-300, MU-214B, TRIOPTIC, MUL-100, MUL-3000, MUL-4000. 3 Co-ordinate Measuring Machines: Hydroptic-6AM, 7AM, 6AM-CN5, 7AM-CN5, 6AM-DIR and 7AM-DIR.

Print code: S22B

SIP Jig Borer "Performance Data" Catalogue with 31 full-page illustrations of the jig borers in use together with notes of the time and cost savings involved. Issued for the American Market.

Print code: SM560V

SM560V SIP (Society Genevoise) Jig Borer HYDROPTIC-6A and 7A. A complete data pack consisting of: "Operator's Instruction Manua"l together with "Preliminary Instruction Manual", "Maintenance Manual" and the larger of the two published "Electrical Instructions with Wiring Schematics" (the Electrics Manual has 58 pages rather than the 10 of the first edition). Also includes a copy of the detailed and well-illustrated 34-page informative Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue.

Print code: SM560Y

SIP 8000 Jig Borer. Maintenance Manual with many sectional drawings.

Print code: SM561B

SIP (Society Genevoise) PD-4C ROTARY TABLE (circular table) .
Technical Instructions.

Print code: SM561C

SIP (Society Genevoise) TILTING ROTARY TABLES Types PI2, PI-4 & PI-5. Two manuals which will also cover the Operating Instructions for PI-3) Detailed Technical Instructions and Tables.

Print code: SM561K

SM561K SIP DIR-4 Repeating Device. Operator's Manual (this unit was for
recording and automatically repeating any number of table and spindle
head positions.

Print code: SM561L

SIP Tools and Accessories. A complete, 210-page Catalogue listing and illustrating the very many special setting and cutting and boring tools, toolholders and accessories used on the Company's jig borers.