Model: 70

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Manuals for Model: 70

Print code: MB900A

Burdett 70, 75 and 77 "Rapidgrind" Surface Grinders Mk.1 (identifiable by flat side faces to the grinding wheel cover, sloping sides to the stand , a small trapezoidal-shaped door beneath the central control wheel and the three main control wheels in a diagonal line across the face of the machine). Instruction Manual and Parts manual as Exploded component drawings. Includes a copy of the comprehensive makers Sales and technical Specification Catalogue.

Print code: MB900C

Burdett Elliott 70, 75, 77 "Rapidgrind" Surface Grinders Mk.2 (identifiable by a round cover over the grinding wheel, two main controls wheels one above the other on the face of the stand and to the right an "oval" shaped cover with a single control knob positioned centrally near the bottom ). Operation & Basic Maintenance Manual with Parts Manual as Sectional Drawings and a wiring diagram. Includes a copy of the comprehensive maker's Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue.

Print code: ME252S

Elliott Milling Machines 70 Series: Operation & Maintenance Manual and Illustrated Parts Manual with Detailed Exploded Assembly Diagrams. Includes a wiring diagram blueprint and a copy of the extensive technical sales catalogue.

Print code: MF110A

Fromag Keyseating and Broaching Machines Rapida and Combi-Rapida 70/100. Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual with 5 Electrical schematics.

Print code: ML340

Lumsden Type 70 Vertical Segmental Wheel Surface Grinding Machines with a reciprocating table. Operator's Instruction Manual. Includes a copy of the Maker's Sales & Specification catalogue.

Print code: MR523

Rockwell Series 70-100 Geared-head Drilling Machine Instruction Manual, Maintenance Manual and Parts Manual as Exploded Assembly Diagrams.

Print code: MR523A

Rockwell Drill Series 70-150 Geared-head Radial-arm. Detailed, well-illustrated Machine Instruction Manual and Parts Manual as Sectional-Drawings. Includes an Electrical Schematic.

Print code: MS475

Schaublin 70 and 65 Lathes: Servicing and Adjustment Manual with a  Parts Manual as Drawings of Individual Units (including basic dimensions and some sectional drawings blown up in size for clarity) and a copy of the comprehensive, beautifully-illustrated 55-page Sales, Specification and Accessories catalogue for the Schaublin 70 together with an earlier, combined 65 and 70 Catalogue. This literature represents a complete data pack for the Schaublin 70 and 65 lathes.

Print code: MW585A

Woodhouse and Mitchell 70 Junior 7-inch Lathe (also branded Mitchell, Woodhouse, and Town Woodhouse). Operation and Maintenance Manual with Illustrated Parts Manual. Includes a set of comprehensive Technical Sales and Specification Catalogues. This represents the complete known data pack for the lathe.

Print code: S61A

S61A Schaublin 65 & 70 Lathes. Full-range Sales Catalogue and Accessories 1953 (Catalogue. TR-TL 70/53). 24 pages.

Print code: S61B

Schaublin 70 Lathes. Full-range Sales Catalogue and Accessories 1962 (Catalogue 70/62). 55 pages.

Print code: S61C

S61C Schaublin 70 Lathes. Full-range Sales Catalogue and Accessories 1971 (Catalogue P70/71). 45 pages.

Print code: S61D

Schaublin 70 Lathes. Full-range Sales Catalogue and Accessories 1983 (Catalogue. C70/83). 44 pages

Print code: S61E

Schaublin 70 Lathes. Full-range Sales Catalogue and Accessories 1995 (Catalogue. 70/95). 14 pages.