Model: Junior

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Manuals for Model: Junior

Print code: F8

Faircut Lathes. Sales sheet for the "Junior" lathe - 2 copies, with some differences. To help with the lathe I'd recommend a copy of the following very useful book: "The Amateurs' Lathe".

Print code: H352FJ

Herbert "Junior" hand-operated Surface Grinder. Sales, Technical Specification & Accessories Catalogue. A 4-page late-edition together with a 2-page early version showing the differences as the machine changed from the Mk.1 to the Mk. 2.

Print code: L442M

LORCH JUNIOR Universal Lathe. Two Sales & Technical Specification Catalogues with detailed content. 6 pages

Print code: M18

MARS Sales & Specification Catalogue covering the Hercules, Junior, Venus, Jupiter, 10-inch Engine lathe and Atlas Lathes the Mars Planer and No.4 Milling Machine. Some of these lathes were branded "Conrik", "Great Scot" and Nextek. Sales Catalogue - some of these publications, on fold-out sheets, have been cropped and overlapped to fir the full images on A4 sheets. 35 pages

Print code: MD372

Denham Junior Lathe (also badged as the Keighley Lifts and Milnes DF-4): Operator's Handbook and Parts Manual as Exploded Component Drawings - includes a copy of the maker's Sales and Specification and Accessories Catalogue. Details of these lathes here:

Print code: MD372

Denham Junior Lathe Mk. 2 (also badged as the Keighley Lifts and Milnes DF-4): Operator's Hand book and Parts Manual as Exploded Component Drawings - includes a copy of the maker's Sales and Specification and Accessories Catalogue. This manual does, to an extent, help with the "flat-bed" Mk.1 version of the Denham Junior. Details of these lathes here:

Print code: MH416L

Herbert 4 Auto Junior: Operator's Instruction Manual.

Print code: MH434B

Herbert Drills Types B, H, J and "V Junior" (precision bench large and small, precision column and multi-head unit): Spare Parts Manual as Photographs.

Print code: ML10H

Lang Lathes all early Models - including the "Junior" - a general guide to their Installation, Operation, Maintenance and Adjustment - includes: "Operation of Lang Junior lathes", "Operation of Lang Lathes" and "Installation of Lang Lathes" These booklets describe, variously, setting the foundations for Lang machines, and how to lift them. They also provide useful information on adjusting the clutch, brake, flanged spindle nose, spindle bearings, spindle sleeve, revolving centre and pump and clear photographic plates of several machines.

Print code: ML10Junior

Lang Junior Lathes up to the 1940s (two upward-pointing levers on the face of the headstock with, between them, one small downwards pointing lever). Technical literature for these earlier, smaller Lang lathes was sparse so a data pack has been assembled with all known publications consisting of two editions (early and late) of the "Operation of Lang Lathes" and two well-illustrated early Junior Sales Catalogues that cover all three sizes.

Print code: MM240B

Messer Griesheim Statosec "K Junior" Universal Flame Cutting Machine: Detailed Operating Manual.

Print code: MM45

Madan Junior Air-Hydropump. Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual

Print code: MS514

Although there never was a complete manual for Tom Senior millers the following is a complete compendium of all known technical and sales literature: SENIOR (Tom Senior) Milling Machines Operator's Instructions and Parts Manual with Sectional Drawings. Covers all the common Senior millers with a proper (if slender) manual for the M1 and details of the Major, E.L.T., V.S., Junior, Universal, Light Vertical S Type and a special 6-page manual and parts list for the E-Type head. Comprises a set of sheets issued at various times by the company.

Print code: MS575C

Herbert (by Edgwick) Junior Surface Grinder - a simple, hand-operated model. Parts Manual as exploded component drawings. Includes a copy of the early and late Sales & Technical Specifcation Catalogues. The Herbert No. 1 was also sold direct badged as an Edgwick

Print code: MW585A

Woodhouse and Mitchell 70 Junior 7-inch Lathe (also branded Mitchell, Woodhouse, and Town Woodhouse). Operation and Maintenance Manual with Illustrated Parts Manual. Includes a set of comprehensive Technical Sales and Specification Catalogues. This represents the complete known data pack for the lathe.

Print code: P-1973

Mori Seiki MV-Junior (Mori-Fanuc) Comprehensive Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual with Diagram list and Fanuc Commissioning papers. Includes sections on Progamming, Troubleshooting, Self-Diagnosis, Parameter Setting and more.

Print code: P759

Progress Drills - all smaller types. A set of detailed catalogues for the No. 16, No. 16S, Junior 3/8", Junior 1/2", Junior 1/2" Pillar, No. 0 (1/4" capacity), No.1 and No. 1S early, No.1 and No. 1S late, 2G, 2GS and 3A. 26 pages.

Print code: S300K

South Bend "9-inch Junior" Catalogue No. 22-C for March 1931. 24 pages

Print code: S300L

South Bend "9-inch Junior" Catalogue for March 1932. 12 pages. £20

Print code: S301A

South Bend: Catalogue for the "Junior" Lathe March, 1932. 24 pages.