Delta Rockwell

Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MD310

Delta Rockwell 10-inch Lathe (Rockwell) Instruction Book, Maintenance Manual and Exploded Parts Diagrams. Includes pictures of the frequently-damaged screwcutting and lubrication charts, a number of useful and well-illustrated dismantling procedures and a copy of the Maker's Sales & Specification and Accessories Catalog.

Print code: MD311

Delta Rockwell 11-inch Lathe (Rockwell) Instruction Book, Maintenance Manual and Exploded Parts Diagrams. Includes copies of the Maker's Sales, Specification and Accessories Catalog and the Screwcutting & Feeds Chart.

Print code: MD312

Delta Rockwell 14-inch Lathe (Rockwell) Instruction Book, Maintenance and Repairs Manual, Exploded Parts Diagrams, a copy of the screwcutting chart and a 14-page Maker's Sales and Specification and Accessories Catalog. Included is a set of the rare "Special Attachment" Booklets that were not printed in the Standard Manual the documents including:

Print code: MD312A

Delta Rockwell 14-inch lathe - "Special Attachments" Section on its own

Print code: MD313

Delta Rockwell Millers: Vertical, Horizontal and the Horizontal with a Vertical Head. Combined Manual for the Models 21-100 Horizontal, 21-120 vertical and 21-122 Combination Horizontal and Vertical. Also covers the 52-020 and 21-820 versions - but not the latter's variable-speed table-drive system. Instruction Manual, Maintenance Manual, Exploded Parts Diagrams, several detailed electrical diagrams and copies of two Sales, Technical Specification & Accessories Catalogs.

Print code: MD314

Ammco Shaper (by Delta Rockwell): Operator's Instruction, Maintenance Manual and a copy of the comprehensive Sales and Specification Catalog. Two editions of the manuals are included, one with Exploded Component Parts Drawings and the other with sectional and cut-away drawings.

Print code: MR523A

Rockwell Drill Series 70-150 Geared-head Radial-arm. Detailed, well-illustrated Machine Instruction Manual and Parts Manual as Sectional-Drawings. Includes an Electrical Schematic.

Print code: MS51

SHAPER WORK - Work on the Shaping machine - a complete, highly detailed and well-illustrated 333-page book on how to use and get the best from any shaper. Titled: "For Beginners in Machine Shop Practice" it features a larger machine - but the methods and principles involved apply to all makes and types. This is the very best manual on shaper work ever published. A very heavy publication, bound in two volumes and printed on a heavy, high-quality 120g paper


Print code: MS705

Startrite EFI Drills Types "FG2", FG2/A, FG2AT standard and the FGR and FGR/T articulated-arm versions. This machine was also marketed in the USA as the Delta-Rockwell 70-130-T2 and 70-100-T3. Operating and Maintenance Manuals covering both types, each with electrical diagrams and Parts Manual as Sectional Drawings. English and German Text. Includes a detailed Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue.