Model: F1

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Manuals for Model: F1

Print code: A834

Astra Milling Machines: Models: F1, F2, L1, L2, L4, "Plain Miller" (horizontal), Type "0" and Type CM-60. Sales and Specification Catalogues covering the complete range.

Print code: B150

BOKO (Bohner & Kohle) Catalogue Collection covering the miller Types: Fo, F1, F2, F2V, WF2, F3, F30, F30.1o and a detailed 30-page catalogue showing examples of work performed on BOKO millers. 97 pages

Print code: B211B

BOLEY Miniature Precision Lathes: full-range Catalogue (1983) small format. Shows the last range of Boley lathes made including the 1HME, 2HME, F1, DW4, RD, 6LZ, 4E, 4PS, BDA-H, 4H, BKN-100, BDN-160, VG16 Multi-spindle drill, BE2 Bench Drill and the Boley Vice. 12 pages

Print code: B211B-F

Boley F1 Super-precision Watchmakers' Lathe. Not a manual but a very detailed and informative Sales Catalogue that explains clearly how to use the lathe for the specialised work of which it was capable. 5 pages.

Print code: MA321

Aciera F1 Milling Machine. Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual with Dividing Head Tables. Includes a copy of the very useful 14-page Sales and Specification and Accessories catalogue showing the full range of attachments and extras.

Print code: MB260B

BOKO (Bohner and Kohle) Tooling Manual for the F0, F1 and F2 Models. Shows the complete range of accessories, vertical heads, rotary tables, angular tables, cutting and chucking tools, arbors, collets, boring bars, clamping tools and additional equipment. The section on vertical heads and rotary tables shows fittings, flanges, dimensions, swivels, etc.

Print code: ME350V/391

Emco 5CNC Lathe and F1 CNC Milling Machine: Comprehensive, 3-part Late-edition Service Instructions for Computer, Electrical and Mechanical elements (including the tool changer) with detailed Electrical Charts and Exploded Component Parts Diagrams. This version is a full Data Pack covers all models, explains the differences between the generations of the machine and is the full-sized and hard-to-find version.

Print code: ME352A

Emco F1 and F1P Miller: Operator's Instruction Book, Service Parts and Parts Manuals as useful Exploded-component Diagrams.

Print code: ME352B

Emco F1 CNC Miller: Basic Operator's Instruction Book, Service Parts and Parts Manuals as useful Exploded-component Diagrams.

Print code: ME352C

Emco F1 CNC Miller: Maintenance Manual and Parts Manual as useful Exploded-component Diagrams (interwoven with that for the late-model 5CNC lathe Manual).

Print code: S50ENG

SCHAFFNER (Switzerland) All with ENGLISH TEXT Milling Machines Catalogue Set Types F Comprising:
Model F7 Milling Machine 8 pages.
F17 Milling machine 8 pages.
Model F25 Toolroom Precision Milling Machine. 12 pages.
Models F7, F7-Pnl-Z, F7M, F17 General Descriptions. 4 pages.