Model: L12

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Manuals for Model: L12

Print code: H720

HME (HORDERN, MASON and EDWARDS Ltd.) Wonderfully presented and well-illustrated Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue with several annotated diagrams with technical operating instructions of Power Presses, Sheet Metal Machines, Spinning, Trimming and Wiring Lathes. Covers the Types L3, L6, L12, L15, L20, L25, L40, LN40, L70, L100, LRF, SF, L3RF, L6RF, L12RF, L15RF, L20RF, L25RF, L40RF, L70RF, L40SF, SA, C, CP, 10SA, 11SA, 13SA, C26, C28, C29, CP1, BCP, DCP3, DCP5, DP, RTP, 10DP, 11DP, 13DP, RTP1, RTP2, FSP, FSP3, FSP4, and FSP5. 121 pages. 

Print code: MN310L12

Newall-Keighley Type L12 External Cylindrical Grinding Machine: Operating and Routine Maintenance Manual.

Print code: S880A

SWIFT Lathes: Full Range Lathe Catalogue 1948/1949 + 4 extra Catalogues from the 1950s.  Shows Lathes Models: V3, V5, V6, L10, L12, SV3, SV6, SV5, RL, Type B, Type SA, Type F, Type A, Type SB. 57 pages.