Model: L6

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Manuals for Model: L6

Print code: H55

HARRISON Lathe 12-inch swing (6.5-inch Centre height Model L6 Mk.1 - also badged, for some markets, as a 13-inch) Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue. 8 pages

Print code: MHL12A

HARRISON Lathe early 13-inch swing model with a 6.5-inch centre height and recognisable by 2 downward-pointing handles on the face of the headstock and a "diamond-shaped spindle speed chart. Instruction Manual, Maintenance Manual and Parts Manual as useful Exploded Assembly Diagrams. Perfect quality production. Includes a copy of the detailed Sales, Technical Specification & Accessories Catalogue £35 An example of this lathe can be seen here:

Print code: MHL190

Harrison "13-inch" and "15-inch" (identical apart from centre height) and badged variously as: 155, 165, 190 and "1300". These very distinctive late-model lathes differ from the 155 and 165 L6 Mk. 2 types in having the two spindle-speed levers pointing downwards on the front face of the headstock (instead of on top), large embossed sheet-aluminium covers on the face of headstock and apron and an enclosed screwcutting gearbox operated only by rotary lever controls - there being no sliding, spring-loaded indent lever.

Print code: MN310L4

Newall Type L4 and L6 Plain Cylindrical Grinding Machine: Operating and Maintenance Manual with Parts as Sectional Drawings. Includes a Hydraulic schematic.