Drive Belts

All types of drive belts supplied: V, flat, round (leather & plastic), link, variable-speed, poly-V, etc.

For immediate delivery or straightforward advice about any belt (no order too small) feel free to call us.

We also stock miniature V-belts (6 & 8mm top widths) and the special belts for: Axminster 918, Warco 918 (and similar developed copies of the Emco Compact 8), Naerok and Seeley bandsaws, etc.
Belts also stocked or made for a variety of popular Lathes & Millers: Myford, Boxford, Emco, Unimat, Axminster, Warco, Colchester, Harrison etc.

Advice on how to ensure that you order the correct length of flat belting can be found here.

Custom Drive Belts

We can make several types of belt to your specifications, and these can be supplied joined or you can join them yourself on the machine. Follow the links below for more information.

Nu-T-Link V-Belt

This is the superior replacement for the original "Brammer" black-fabric "round-end" link-belting that was held together with mushroom-headed metal pins each (usually) stamped with a letter "B". The new belts have only a slight curve to the end of each link and the head of the pins are now "T" section.

Betalon Multiply Flat Belting

The ideal installation for any machine tool is an endless Betalon-Multiply belt: these are light in weight but immensely strong and stretch resistant. They absorb shock loads well, have a high coefficient of friction, enjoy a proven record of reliable industrial service and can be made in almost any combination of length and width.

Power Twist V-Belt

A new development of an old idea - a link belt without metal fasteners. This is highly effective on all lighter machine tools and especially useful on precision lathes and millers where a "softer" drive, free from vibration, is appropriate.

Solid Round Plastic Belting

This makes an excellent, long-life application for hard-worked machines - from models though engravers to small lathes and millers, etc. Our solid plastic belting is made in Switzerland and of the very best quality. We can produce belts of practically any length down to 140 mm long using a jigged joint and heat weld.

Round Leather Belting

Early lathes, light-duty milling machines, drills, Singer and other makes of sewing machine and assorted power tools were often driven by a round leather belt, sometimes referred to in contemporary literature as a "gut" drive. This type of belting is also used in furniture and similar products. It is still available and usually in stock for immediate delivery. The belt colour is actually a light tan - and far lighter than shown in the photograph. Please note: the stated diameter of the material is nominal i.e. the measurement might be a little under or over the given figure.

Belts in Stock

Find a belt to fit your machine

Miniature V-Belts

Mini V-belts, 8 mm across the top surface - as used on a wide variety of small machine-tool and in other applications. High-quality, genuine European-made belts. Often hard to find - we aim to keep stock of all the sizes listed. Post price covers the shipping of three belts.


Alligator Belt Lacing

A length of clip is hammered in at each end of the belt and joined with two sections of the special oval pin supplied - these being designed to work back-to-back. Alternatively, a length of nylon or red-fibre rod can be used. A detailed instruction sheet is supplied with each clip. "Alligator clips" are made in various sizes but five cover most belts in common use. All clips -  save for the No. 7 - are 11 inches long (the No. 7 is 6 inches long). The price shown is for a single strip complete with the special "dimpled" connecting pin.


Boxford T-link Drive Belt - T-link for Underdrive Models

Drive belts for Boxford Lathes (1.4m A Section T-link): All Boxford lathes T, A, B, C, AUD, BUD, CUD, TUD, ME10, etc (apart from the tiny precision types) used "A" section V-belts - and today the best replacement is the Nu-T-link Type. Fitting the belt requires care and instructions are provided.

The final drive belt on all Underdrive Boxford lathe can be made up from 1.4 metres of Nu-T-link and can be ordered below:


Kennedy Hexacut Saw Belt

For the more-common Kennedy "Hexacut" Model 60 hacksaw the flat belt is normally 1" (25 mm) wide and 21.8" long (554 mm) - however, because the size may have changed over the years, it would be safer to measure your machine to get an exact figure. As the belts are custom made, if you order the wrong length a refund is not possible. An accurate measurement can be taken around the pulleys with a fabric tape measure or a strip of paper stretched round, overlapped, marked and then carefully measured.


Myford ML8 Drive Belt

For the Myford ML8 lathe the new, improved metal-pin T-link belting is ideal. It's a sectional belt so no dismantling is needed to fit it. For lathes on the maker's stand 1.2 metres is the length needed. If mounted on a home-made bench with a thick wooden top, 1.3 metres is usually sufficient. The width need is 1/2" (13 mm) in an "A" section.

Click in the box below to select the length needed (the price shown below is for a belt 1.2 metres long).


Naerok, NuTools, Warco, Seeley and Multico Bandsaw Drive belt

Round drive belt for the small but popular Naerok, NuTools, Warco, Seeley and Multico branded bandsaws.
We have determined that the Naerok and NuTools versions had a belt made from 7 mm diameter material in the following lengths: 650, 660 and 680 mm. However, it's important to check the length you need carefully and tick the right box.

Please take care to measure the belt and select the appropriate length below.