Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: D120

D120 DeVlieg Spiramatic Jigmils. Two early catalogues circa 1940s showing the models 3B and 4B with detailed and well-illustrated descriptions of a Jigmil's function, accessories and capabilities. 36 detailed pages. 36 pages. £45

Print code: D120A

DeVlieg Spiramatic Jigmils. Two catalogues from the early and mid-1950s with highly detailed and well-illustrated descriptions of a Jigmil's function, accessories and capabilities.
48 detailed pages. Covers the Models 3B, 4B, 3C and 4C. 48 pages.

Print code: D120B

DeVlieg Jigmils. Accessories Catalogue. Rare publications showing the
options and accessories. 14 detailed pages

Print code: D120C

DeVlieg Spiramatic Jigmil 2B, 3H, 4H and 5H. Sales and Technical
Specification Catalogue with Accessories and details of the Herbert Datatrol
Controls (dated 1959) 38 detailed pages

Print code: D120D

DeVlieg Spiramatic Jigmils late 1960s Models 2B-36, 3H-48, 3H-72, 43H-48, 43H-72 and K Series. Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue with Accessories: 18
detailed pages.

Print code: D120E

DeVlieg Spiramatic Jigmil 2B, 3B & 4B with Micropoint Tool & Cutter Grinder.
Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue with Accessories. 24 detailed

Print code: D120F

DeVlieg Spiramatic Jigmils. Three catalogs for the  Types H, Types J and Types K. Sales and Technical Specification Catalogues with Accessories. 30 pages

Print code: D120G

DeVlieg Spiramatic Jigmils Type R. Sales & Technical Specification
Catalogue dated 1988. 6 pages.

Print code: D120H

DeVlieg/Okuma Horizontal & Vertical Machining Centres and DeVlieg Vertical Double-column Machining Centres. Technical Specification Catalogues dated 1984. 12 pages.

Print code: MC180B

CLARKSON Tool & CUTTER GRINDERS - also branded Smart & Brown, March, "Virginia Beavermil" and DeVlieg. A complete 192-page data set for the Mk.1, Mk.2 & Mk.3 machines together with all the supplementary booklets (originally published separately) for the Controlled Spiral Grinding Attachment, Mk. 2 Radius Fixture, Drill Point & Tap Lead Attachment, Air-bearing Flute Grinding Attachment and a comprehensive Accessory Catalogue titled "Tool & Cutter Care" that is useful in showing the range & mounting of the various Accessories.

Print code: MD379

DeVLIEG 2B, 3B, 4B SPIRAMATIC JIGMILS. In order to cover all the models this publication is made up of several editions including those for the 2B, 3B, 4B, etc. in various capacities.
Installation, Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual together with a Parts Manual as detailed Sectional Drawings. Electrical Diagrams and sample Inspection and Tolerances Test Results Sheets. This is a complete Data with 375 sheets containing all known publications for the DeVlieg Type B.

Print code: MD379A

DeVlieg No. 3H-48, 3H-60, 3H-72, 43H, etc. Spiramatic Jigmil (Covers all 3H and 43H version). Installation, Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual with a full, multi-page Electrical Wiring Diagram. For a Parts Manual for the 3H see the entry below.

Print code: MD379B

DeVLIEG No. 3H and 43H (all types and sizes) Parts Manual as detailed Sectional Drawings - includes a detailed, multi-page wiring diagram. The pages have been scanned at very high resolution, enlarged for perfect clarity and spread over 389 sheets printed in two volumes. For an Operation and Maintenance Manual, see below.

Print code: MD379C

DeVlieg K-Series Jigmil: Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual This is the much larger and more detailed edition covering: specification, description, Installation and preparation for operation, operating the Jigmil, maintenance, tool changer, accessories, arrangement drawings, electrical system (but not circuit diagrams), DC Drive Jigmils. Covers all K Models (3K-48, 3K-72, 3K-60, 4K-60, 4K-72, 5K-60, 5K-72, etc, where the first digit is the spindle diameter and the second number the table length).

Print code: MD379D

DeVlieg K Series JIGMILS - Huge Parts Manual as Detailed Sectional Drawings Printed enlarged to A3. In addition to the major parts, it also includes sections on Hydraulic Schematics, Bar-feed Unit, Electric Controls, Spindle Head Elevating Units and the Feed Unit, Table Unit, Saddle Unit and Coolant Unit. Covers all K types. e.g. 3K-48, 3K-72, 3K-60, 3K-72, 4K-60, 4K-72, 5K-72, etc. where the first number is the spindle diameter and the second the table length.

Print code: MD379DK

DeVlieg "Contouring K" a Supplement to the K Series Machines. Manual. Operation, Maintenance and Parts as Sectional Drawings. Includes Hydraulic Schematics.

Print code: MD379E

DeVlieg J-Series Jigmil. Data Pack consisting of: Detailed Installation, Maintenance and Parts Manual (the latter as sectional drawings) Includes several Hydraulic (but not electrical) schematics and details of the CNC Systems details in 3 Sections: Description, Computer and Interface and Magnetics. The full manual as issued with new machines.

Print code: MD379F

DeVlieg RELIANCE Spindle Drive MaxPak-Plus VS Types: W/D 27940 19 to 70 Amps and WD 29741 70 to 250 Amps Installation, Operating and Maintenance Instructions with electrical schematics.

Print code: MD379F

40 h.p. S6R Drive as used on Devlieg Machines. Detailed Technical Specification, Operating Notes and set-up Instructions together with 26 Electrical Schematics..

Print code: MD379F

DeVlieg 4K-60 with Tapac 5 Control: Programmer's and Operator's Reference Manual.

Print code: MD379F2

DeVlieg RELIANCE 15-hp Machine Tool Spindle Drive as used on Devlieg Machines.
Technical Specification, Operating Notes and set-up Instructions together with 26 Electrical Schematics.

Print code: MD379H

DeVlieg Tape Dialin (Herbert) Electrical Systems Manual with 19 Electrical Schematics. As used on the DeVlieg Jigmil Models 2B, 3H, 43H and 4K

Print code: MD379TC

DeVlieg Micropoint Tool Grinder (also badged Gildemeister) Operator's Instruction Manual with a Parts Manual as Sectional Drawings. Includes a copy of the Maker's detailed and well-illustrated Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue. An article about the machine can be found on our site here:

Print code: MD379X

DeVLIEG MARK CENTURY CNC 2000 Section 6 MSD Parameters.