Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: M200

Midsaw Woodworking Machines Catalogues: Includes the "Universal Woodworker" Midsaw "All-in-One" Multi-purpose Woodworker with illustrations of its various functions (saw bench, boring machine, surface planer, planer and thicknesser, tenoning, mortrising and molding machines) and pages showing the Company's bandsaws, sawbenches, spindle molders, stair string machine, planers and horizontal belt sanders, etc. 16 pages

Print code: M200A

Midsaw Band-type Saw-Filing Machines: Standard, Minor, Minor Deep Throat and Super Minor. Detailed and Well-illustrated Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue set. 20 pages.

Print code: M200B

 Midsaw Toolroom Machinery. Two comprehensive, well-illustrated and descriptive sales and technical specification catalogues that show the larger machines: Bandsaws and Band-filing Machines, Horizontal Bandsaws, Cut-off Machines, Cut-off Bandsaws, High-speed Edge Miller,  Overhead Slitting Saws, Circular Tables, Filer and Jigsaw and Saw Sharpeners. Models include the  Types D and DC Bandsaw and Filing Machines and Bandsaws Types HY22, HY30, HY36, NF, HNF, AT (Standard & Rigid) ATC (Canting Body)
"Major" and Accessories. 40 pages.

Print code: MM310

MIDSAW Bandsaws Data Pack covering the: "Alpha", "Beta", "Delta", Minor, Minor Super, Minor Deep Throat, DT-36 Series, Standard (canting), Standard (Rigid), Deep Throat Models.  Instruction Manual and  Parts Listing. 

Print code: MM310X

MidSaw Bandsaws Data Pack. Includes manuals for the  Minor, Minor Super, Minor Deep Throat, DT-36 Series, Standard (canting), Standard (Rigid), Deepthroat Models "Alpha", "Beta" and "Delta" and a Sales & Specification Catalogue