Model: DC

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Manuals for Model: DC

Print code: M200B

 Midsaw Toolroom Machinery. Two comprehensive, well-illustrated and descriptive sales and technical specification catalogues that show the larger machines: Bandsaws and Band-filing Machines, Horizontal Bandsaws, Cut-off Machines, Cut-off Bandsaws, High-speed Edge Miller,  Overhead Slitting Saws, Circular Tables, Filer and Jigsaw and Saw Sharpeners. Models include the  Types D and DC Bandsaw and Filing Machines and Bandsaws Types HY22, HY30, HY36, NF, HNF, AT (Standard & Rigid) ATC (Canting Body)
"Major" and Accessories. 40 pages.

Print code: MS547

SIMONET basic Working Instructions & Maintenance Guide for the DC-102, DD-102, DR102 and DZ-450 Precision Plain-turning and Screwcutting Lathes with screwcutting charts (11 pages) Also included are three catalogues: one in English (10 pages); one in English, French and German (8 pages) and another in French (not such a good reproduction as the others with 6 pages). £35