Model: AH

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Manuals for Model: AH

Print code: G265

GRIMSTON Drills and other machine tools. High-quality reproduction of the complete maker’s catalogue collection covering from the 1940s to the 1970s. Includes the full range of geared-head drills the E46, LE46, AH, S, E47, LE47, E44, E45, LE44, LE45, E46, LE46, E47, E48, E49. Belt-drive bench and pillar drills Models 1B and 1P, Drills with power down feed, Ganged Production drills, versions of the various models as Box Column types, All-geared 24” General-purpose Drills, belt-drive drills, No. 1 Compound Table, No.

Print code: MA445B

Adcock and Shipley 1E Miller (sometimes found branded Bridgeport) including 1ESL, 1LSL, 1EG, 1ES, 1ESG, 1EAH, EJ and AH types (and others, the various suffixes indicating the particular drive system fitted to the table with some of these being "factory specials"): Maintenance and Operator's Instruction Manual with Electrical Diagrams. Includes a Technical Sales and Specification and Accessories Catalogue.

Print code: MS837A

Sunstrand Rigidmil No. 00. Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual with Parts as Detailed Sectional Drawings and Electrical Schematics. Also includes sheets for the Knees, Tables and Cross-slide of "AH" feed machines and Table of Cycles for Z1B Square Cycle Milling machine.