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Model: CX

This page displays all the content on the website associated with the 'CX' model. Numeric models include all prefixes, such as 'Number', 'Mark', 'Size' etc.

Manuals for Model: CX

Print code: MT100

Taylor Hobson Pantograph Engravers Models C, CB, CX and CXL. A complete data pack with all known literature from first to last: Operator's Instruction Manual with Parts as Sectional Drawings including Instructions for all the accessories and the "Javelin" Electric Etcher. The first "catalogue-cum-instruction book" and the maker's comprehensive and well-illustrated 38-page Sales & Specification & Accessories Catalogue.

Print code: MT100

TAYLOR HOBSON Pantograph Engravers Models C, CB, CX and CXL. A complete data pack consisting of: the Operator's Instruction Manual(including Instructions for all the Accessories and the "Javelin" Electric Etcher), a Parts Manual as Sectional Drawings and a set of detailed Sales, Accessories and Technical specification catalogues (an additional 46 pages).

Print code: T116

TAYLOR HOBSON Pantograph Engravers: Sales & Technical Specification Catalogues that cover the Company's Models C, CB, CX, CXL, JH, A, D, NH, K, Model K Mk.2 and the "Pantograph Milling & Diesinking Machine" 50 pages.

Print code: T116

Taylor Hobson: a collection of individual Sales and Technical Specification Catalogues that cover the entire range of post 1930 Pantograph Engravers as made until the 1970s:
Model A early; Model A late; Models C, CX and CXL; Model D early; Model D late; Model JH early; Model JH late; Model K Mk.1; Model K Mk.2 early; Model K Mk.2 late; the special Taylor Hobson inclinable dividing head and the "Pantograph Milling and Diesinking Machine"; 52 pages.

Print code: T116A

TAYLOR HOBSON Engraving Machines & Electro-Etching Appliances. Early Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue showing the traditional and well-established Models C, CB and CX Models and the pantograph & Diesinking Machine, Cutters, Cutter grinders, Copies, Copy Holders, circular tables, dividing heads, Javelin etchers. Includes a description of how the engravers are designed, how they work, their drive systems, examples of work produced, special applications of the dividing head, special applications of the ball-bearing spindles, etc. 45 pages.