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VICEROY Lathes: A complete data pack for all metal-turning models consisting of every piece of literature discovered for these models. All the early Viceroy lathes in the "TD" Series were based on a single model and varied according to its particular use. Models varied from comprehensively equipped metal-turning lathes with a screwcutting gearbox and power cross feed to simple, plain-turning versions that just used a bed, headstock carriage and tailstock. Some were limited production versions with odd specifications including dual metal and wood lathes with a power-feed carriage but no screwcutting and with and without backgear. The literature includes the Installation and Operating instructions (covering the TD, TDS (and variants) and the later Variable-speed (280 and Synchro) and "Educator" models (again, both based on many common parts) in both plain-turning and screwcutting versions and those lathes constructed as dual metal-wood lathes (Viceroy TDS3/CM, WL, Type 250, etc.) screwcutting charts, additional screwcutting charts and important advice relating to the operation of the screwcutting gearbox and metric/English conversions and lubrication requirements. Several sheets of advertising material are also included from which the lathes' original specifications and range of accessories and fittings can be deduced.


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