Model: TDS

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Manuals for Model: TDS

Print code: MV230

VICEROY Lathes: A complete data pack for all metal-turning models consisting of every piece of literature discovered for these models. All the early Viceroy lathes in the "TD" Series were based on a single model and varied according to its particular use. Models varied from comprehensively equipped metal-turning lathes with a screwcutting gearbox and power cross feed to simple, plain-turning versions that just used a bed, headstock carriage and tailstock.

Print code: MV230D

VICEROY TDS 6 and TDS 6BT (short-bed) WOODTURNING and Bowl-turning Lathes: A complete Data Pack consisting of the Maker's Installation, Operation, Maintenance and Spare Parts Manual together with 20 large drawings enlarged to A3 sheets showing all parts of the lathe including the headstock, stand and countershaft drive system,bed and feet, hand-rest assemblies, bowl-turning attachment, tailstock, sanding table, dowl collet arrangement, metal-spinning attachment and dust-extraction equipment. Includes copies of the Maker's Sales and Specification Catalogues.

Print code: MV230E

Viceroy TDS10, TDS10DE, TDS7/10 Double-end Polishing and Grinding Machines. Set of 8 General Arrangement Drawings showing the machine in section and giving the specification of the motors, nuts, bolts, fastenings, lubrication, belts, etc.