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Model: 280

This page displays all the content on the website associated with the '280' model. Numeric models include all prefixes, such as 'Number', 'Mark', 'Size' etc.

Manuals for Model: 280

Print code: MB376

BOXFORD geared-head Lathes 250IS, 280, 280IS, 280T, 289, 330IS, 330TR, STS 10.20, TF 10.20, TH 10.20, TR.11.30 330, TS 10.20 etc. Instruction & Maintenance Manual and a very clear Exploded Components Parts Manual with electrical schematics for 1-phase and 3-phase machines. Includes copies of several detailed advertising catalogues that give the full (and complex) specification of the various models and show all the accessories ever offered.

Print code: MB377D

Boxford 280 Turnmaster CNC Lathe. Programming Manual FANUC OT.

Print code: MF47

Foley Saw Filers - Detailed Operating and Maintenance Instructions (and some Illustrated Parts List) for Foley Saw Filers, Foley Retoothers, Model 281 Foley Setter, Foley 281 and 282 Band Saw Setter, Foley 280 and 536 Circular Saw Setter, Foley 462 Vulkan Electric Brazer, Foley HG-12 Saw Sharpener and Gummer, Foley Automatic Retoother Model 32, Foley 562 Electric Brazer and some details for the Foley Lawn Mower Sharpener.

Print code: MM184/MB376

Meca-Lux - this was a Boxford 250, 280, 280TR, ST10.20, 10.20, 11.20, 11.30, 330, 280TR (also badged as the Mecha-Lux)


Print code: MM540

Myford 280 Geared-head Lathe. Instruction and Maintenance Manual and Parts Manual as Sectional Drawings.

Print code: MM540F

Myford 280 Tour à tête dentée. Édition en langue française. Manuel d'instructions et d'entretien et manuel des pièces sous forme de dessins en coupe
Myford 280 Geared-head Lathe. French-language Edition. Instruction and Maintenance Manual and Parts Manual as Sectional Drawings.

Print code: MS509

Segatrice "Automa S" Hacksaw Models 230, 280, 330 and 420. Instruction Manual English and Italian text.

Print code: MV230

VICEROY Lathes: A complete data pack for all metal-turning models consisting of every piece of literature discovered for these models. All the early Viceroy lathes in the "TD" Series were based on a single model and varied according to its particular use. Models varied from comprehensively equipped metal-turning lathes with a screwcutting gearbox and power cross feed to simple, plain-turning versions that just used a bed, headstock carriage and tailstock.

Print code: MV230X

VICEROY TD Series and 280VS, 280 Synchro and Enterprise 280 lathes, etc. Parts Manual in the form of a large set of Sectional Drawings taken from original factory-issue paper copies - but not every detail is shown.

Print code: S535G

Springfield Precision Toolroom & Engine Lathes Model S, Model 280 & Model 180. Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue 1950s to 1960s. Also shows Springfield Grinders (Bulletin 208).

Print code: W46E

WEILER PRECISION TOOLROOM LATHE Accessories Catalogue for CONDOR & MATADOR 300 & 280 Models. 56 pages.