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Model: 5-inch

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Manuals for Model: 5-inch

Print code: D150C

Dominion Wood Lathes Catalogue Collection covering all models: two catalogues covering the early and late versions of the Types A.L. and A.L.Y. Nos. 1, 1a, 2, 2a, 3a (with 6 and 8-inch centre heights), a catalogue for the 6-inch F.J.A and another for the under-driven 5-inch "Handy". 20 Pages 

Print code: M18

MARS Sales & Specification Catalogue covering the Hercules, Junior, Venus, Jupiter, 10-inch Engine lathe and Atlas Lathes the Mars Planer and a single page on the No.4 Milling Machine. Some of these lathes were branded "Conrik", "Great Scot" and Nextek. Sales Catalogue - some of these publications, on fold-out sheets, have been cropped and overlapped to fit the full images on A4 sheets. 30 pages

Print code: MB701A

BSA 5-inch Single-spindle Chucking Automatic Lathe: Operator's Instruction Manual

Print code: MB701B

BSA 5-inch Single-spindle Chucking Automatic Lathe: Spare Parts as Sectional Drawings.

Print code: MR15B

Raglan "5-Inch" Lathe - the late model with a smooth, rounded-edge headstock cover and a hinge-open changewheel over. Operator's Manual, Illustrated Parts Manual. Includes Sales and Specification and Accessories Catalogues and Special Screwcutting Supplement. The lathe can be seen here: http://www.lathes.co.uk/raglan

Print code: MW383A

Wickman 1"- Five-Spindle Automatic Lathes 13/8", 13/4", 21/4" Bar and 5" and 6" Chucking Automatics. Detailed Operator's Instructions1.

Print code: P475

Portass Lathes: no manuals were ever issued but there is a wonderful collection of (rare) Sales & Technical Specification Sheets, Individual Machine Catalogues, Illustrations, Accessories and "Letters of Recommendation" available: X.L., Mark V, Model X. Dreadnought (several versions including the 5-inch), Model S (several versions), Model 21/8", Model-de-Lux 21./8", Model Super, Heavy-duty 4-inch, Milling & Drilling Attachment, Lathes as supplied for branding as Zyto (etc.), shapers, 4-inch wood lathe, etc.

5-inch Parts

Raglan "5-inch" Lathe - the upper top slide casting (a picture of this model here). It is not uncommon for this slide to snap in two...

OUT of STOCK  Diameter: 160 mm 6.3" 1.75" x 6 tpi square thread

The correct variable-speed drive belt for the Raglan "5-inch Lathe" These belts are high-quality, industrial-grade belts made in Europe. installation tip: The...

Sorry - OUT of STOCK.  Rack-pinion gear for the Raglan "5-Inch" lathe - the gear that engages with the bed-mounted rack. This gear has a double-...