Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: A770

AMERICAN WATCH TOOL COMPANY - Webster Whitcombe and Wade. Superb early 1900s 32-page All-models and Accessories Sales Catalogue with a 1924 price list.

Also, for literature about these lathes and other precision machine tools developed, look under the WADE entry - the company that took over the Watch Tool Co.

Print code: MW100

Wade 8A Precision Toolmakers Lathe. Operator's Instruction & Maintenance Manual with Parts as Detailed Sectional Drawings and Electrical Schematics.

Print code: MW100A

Wade 8A Precision Toolmakers Lathe - Data Pack with the Operator's Instruction Manual and Parts as Detailed Sectional Drawings. Complete with the two largest 8A Sales and Specification and Accessories catalogs together with very early (probably first-edition) Sales and Specification sheets. This package represents a complete data pack for this lathe.

Print code: MW100B

WADE Precision Lathes Models 94 and  98 with the "Round top" and top-mounted push-button controls. Instruction Manual with parts manual as clear, Exploded component Drawings. Includes two copies of the maker's Sales, Specification & Accessories Catalogue (no electrical schematics).

Print code: MW100C

Wade Precision Lathe Model 73 Instruction Manual with a Parts Manual as clear, Exploded Component Drawings.

Print code: MW110

Wade-CAV Miniature round-bed lathe Data Set. Although no manual was ever produced for this lathe, the following 37-page collection of interesting sales literature is helpful in getting the best from it and includes: two detailed Sales & Technical Specification Catalogues combined (including a rare one from the USA agent) with some duplication. Sectional and general-arrangement drawings, the maker's screwcutting and changewheel chart and the special backgear (slow-speed) engagement instructions (something that puzzles most users).

Print code: W10C

Wade Precision Lathes Nos. 3, 5 & 7: Sales, Accessories & Technical Specification Catalogue 1943 (covers 1930s and 1950s types).

Print code: W10J

Wade Precision Lathe Models 94 & 98 A catalogue collection consisting of: Catalog and Price List 1960 with 12 pages. A Model 98 Advertising Sheet 1960 with 2 pages.   Wade "Precision Turning Machines" Models 94 & 98. Sales Folder with 4 pages.  Wade Precision Lathe Production Unit (3-bearing headstock) Sales sheet with.  2 pages.