Model: 3000

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Manuals for Model: 3000

Print code: ME71M

EDWARDS TRUECUT DD (Direct Drive) Guillotines sometimes marked "600" - which just means made when owned by the "600 Machine Tool Group". A complete and comprehensive data pack with Operator's Instructions, Maintenance and Spare Parts as Exploded Component Drawings. Covers early and late examples (two manuals are included) and the different drive systems of the 2.5/1250, 2.5/2000, 2.5/2500, 2.5/3000, 3.25/1250, 3.25/2000, 2/3000 2.5/2500, 2.5/3000, 2.5/3600 etc.

Print code: MA640

Ammco 3000, 4000, 4100, 7500 & 7700 Brake Drum Lathe. Operator's Instruction, Maintenance Manual & parts as exploded Component Drawings.

Print code: ME351M

EMCO Maximat 3000, 3100, 4000 and 4100 "MAXIMAT Standard", "MAXIMAT COMPACT" Lathes - all versions: Comprehensive Operator's' Instruction Manual. Includes comprehensive details of the screwcutting arrangemts for metric and inch pitches and copies of all the screwcutting charts - imperial, metric and conversion - and a copy of the now rare maker's Sales and Specification catalogue. This Manual is also available with German text.

Print code: ME351N

Emco Maximat 3000, 3100, "Maximat Standard", "Maximat Compact" Lathes - all versions: Parts Manuals as superb quality Cross-Sectional Drawings. In English, German and French.

Print code: MM350

Mimik 3000 Hydraulic Copying (Tracing) Attachment for boring mills and V.T.Ls. Installation and Operator's Instruction Manual.

Print code: MS462

Saro Lathes 1250, 3000, 6000 and 9000. Instruction and Maintenance Manual.