Model: 10

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Manuals for Model: 10

Print code: B799B

Brown and Sharpe Millers Catalog Collection: No.000, No.0, No.2Y, No.3, No.3B, No.10, No.12, No.13, No.22, Rangemaster and Vertical and Universal Milling Attachments. 100 pages.

Print code: H352G

Herbert No.10 Milling Machine Basic 2-page catalogue.

Print code: H680H

Holbrook Model C Lathes: Well illustrated and detailed Technical Catalogue showing the Models Nos. 10, 13 and 16. Covers, with a supplement, both roller bearing and plain-headstock models. Includes a comprehensive guide to screwcutting.

Print code: MA321H

ACIERA 6 and 10 Precision Drilling and Tapping Machines. Two Instructions & Maintenance Manuals: one in English marked as being for the No.6 and No.10 Models and another in English, French and German for the No. 6. The latter is a larger edition with a Parts List with useful, exploded-component drawings and clearly illustrated maintenance, dismantling and reassembly Instructions. Also includes electrical diagrams and a copy of the Model 6 Sales and Specification Catalogue.

Print code: MB644H

Brown and Sharpe Nos. 10 and 12 Cylindrical Plain Grinding Machines: Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual and Illustrated Parts Manual

Print code: MD500A

DUPLEX Shears & Nibblers: Shears types: G1, G2, G3, 10, G16, GS10, GS16,
GS18 B12 and B15. Nibblers Types: N1, N3, N10, N18, N12 and N20.
Instructions and a Parts Drawings and List for the Sear Units.

Print code: ME351D

Emco Compact 10 Lathe: Detailed Operator's Instruction Manual including Electrical Diagrams. Includes a copy of the maker's detailed and well illustrated 16-page Sales and Specification catalogue giving the complete specification and showing all the accessories

Print code: ME351E

Emco Compact 10 Lathe: Parts Manuals as useful Exploded-component Diagrams. 96 pages.

Print code: MF10A

Fanuc AC Servo Unit Maintenance Manual.

Covers maintenance of AC Servo Units with 1, 2 and 3 Axis driving the following motors:

  • 1-Axis
  • 2-Axis
  • ​3-Axis
  • 5-0x
  • 4-0x
  • 3-0x
  • 2-0xx
  • 1-0xx
  • 0xxx
  • 5xxx
  • 10xx
  • 20Mx
  • 20x
  • 30x
  • 30Rx


Print code: MF10Y

Fanuc 10 Series, 11 Series and 12 Series Maintenance Manual (600-pages).

Print code: MH740AA

Holbrook Model B No. 10 lathe. Operator's Manual

Print code: MH870

Humphris EP.10 Endwheel Press. Operating and Maintenance Handbook and Parts Manual as Exoploded-component Drawings.

Print code: MJ110

Jones Machine Tools (Pootatuck USA) - kit-built from castings.

Print code: MM510F

Matrix (Coventry Gauge and Tool Company) No. 10 Thread Grinding machine. Operation Instructions.

Print code: MM534

Myford ML10 and Speed 10: A complete Data Pack with Operator's, Maintenance and Parts Manuals covering both the early plain-bearing machines and the later Speed 10 type with a roller-bearing headstock. Includes copies of the maker's early and late Sales, Technical Specification and Accessories literature. Increased in size from A5 to A4 for easier reading and clearer drawings and diagrams.

Print code: MR950C

Ryder No. 10 Verticalauto for 6, 8 and 12 spindle models: Detailed Operator's Instruction Manual with a Parts Manual as clear Sectional Drawings.

Print code: MS785

Stevens and Bullivant Rotary Swaging Machines. Not a manual but a very useful 52-page Catalogue with details of the full product range, Models 26, 24, 20, 18, 16, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 00 including some useful technical data, a description of the rotary swaging process, examples of swaged work, sectional drawing of the head assembly and Setting up and Adjustments Data.

Print code: MV230E

Viceroy TDS10, TDS10DE, TDS7/10 Double-end Polishing and Grinding Machines. Set of 8 General Arrangement Drawings showing the machine in section and giving the specification of the motors, nuts, bolts, fastenings, lubrication, belts, etc. The drawings are reprocuce enlarged on A3 sheets.

Print code: MW250

Ward Capstan and Turret Lathes. Ward's system for Manuals included the publication of this very comprehensive but non-machine-specific 78-page "Operator's Instruction Manual, Instruction Manual and Catalogue" and to back this up with smaller publications to explain the operating peculiarities of individual models (listed below).

Print code: MW251E

Ward No. 8, 10 and 10/13 Combination Turret Lathes (also covers the almost identical 10/18 Model): Installation, Operating and Maintenance Manual.

Print code: S548

STANLEY Lathes: a collection of catalogues covering most of the models made: Older Models 8 pages. Stanley HS-7 large spindle bore lathe 4 pages. Stanley HS-13 Large spindle bore 6 pages. STANLEY 7 lathes 12 pages. STANLEY 10 Lathe 8 pages. STANLEY Hollow Spindle Lathes Models HS, HSP and HM. Spindle bore from 7" to 14". STANLEY Lathes HS7, HS10, HS13 11 pages. STANLEY Lathes 12.5" and 14.5" 8 pages. STANLEY SLIDING BED LATHES 10.5", 12.5" and14.5" - two catalogues early and late 25 pages and STANLEY Lathe Accessories. 86 pages in all. £65