Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MA470

"AIS" Generic Model Taiwanese bench milling machine as branded by Warco, Whitecoat, Ajax,Naerok, etc. Service Manual (very basic, but with useful parts Drawings).
The machines were all very similar and sometimes carried the code letters "AIS" on the maker's plate.

Print code: MN200

Naerok and Warco, etc. Vertical Mill Drill Models: RDM-400/500M/500MF and variants. Very similar to other Taiwanese and Chinese mill drills of the "Economy, Minor and Major" type as sold by such as Naerok, Warco, Nu-Tools, Sealey, Whitecote, Excel, Draper and Ajax, etc.

Print code: MN220A

Naerok "918" lathe. Excellent illustrated Operator's and Maintenance Manual with Sectional Drawings.

Print code: MN220B

Naerok 12" swing wood lathe Type WL12037. Operator's Instruction Book, Exploded Component Parts List and electrical diagram.

Print code: MN220C

Naerok Bandsaw (also branded NuTools). Operator's Instruction Book and Exploded Component Parts List.

Naerok Parts

Drive belt for the popular Naerok, NuTools and Warco branded bandsaws.
We have determined that the Naerok and NuTools versions had a belt 650, 660 or 680 mm long - it's important to check...