Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: E900B

Excel Filing and Sawing Machines - complete catalogue set with full details of each model. 32 pages

Print code: MB15JIG

BCA Miniature Jig Borer/Jig Driller. Small Operation & Maintenance Manual together with complete data pack consisting of three UK Sales and Technical Specification Catalogues for the Mk.2 and Mk.3, a Leinen Model BFL Catalogue (the original machine) and sales sheets for the other earlier UK-made version, the EXCEL Model"0". 

Print code: MB900L

Burdett (and "Excel") Model 5 Tool and Cutter Grinder Operating and Maintenance Manual and Exploded-diagrams Parts Manual.

Print code: MD430

Downham Mini Jig Borer (also badged Elliott, Gate and Excel) A complete data pack for the machine containing all known literature. Operating and Maintenance Manual with Parts Manual as Exploded Component Drawings. Covers the Mk. 1, 2 and 3 models and the Electrical Manual for the variable-speed Mk. 3. Includes copies of the Maker's Sales and Specification and Accessories Literature.

Print code: ME260B

ME260B Elliott (and Elliott/Excel) Model 5 Tool & Cutter Grinder Operating & Maintenance Manual & Exploded-Diagrams Parts Manual.

Print code: ME600

Excel Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder No. 5 Operator's Instruction Manual and Parts Manual as Individually illustrated Items.

Print code: ME600A

Excel No.1 Bench and Pedestal Surface Grinding Machines. Instruction Book.

Print code: ME600B

Excel No.3, 3A and 3C Surface Grinders. Operator's Instruction Manual with Parts List as Component Photographs.

Print code: ME600C

EXCEL No.4 Filing and Sawing Machine. Instruction Book with Illustrated Parts Manual.

Print code: MN200

Naerok and Warco, etc. Vertical Mill Drill Models: RDM-400/500M/500MF and variants. Very similar to other Taiwanese and Chinese mill drills of the "Economy, Minor and Major" type as sold by such as Naerok, Warco, Nu-Tools, Sealey, Whitecote, Excel, Draper and Ajax, etc.