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Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: P475

Portass Lathes: no manuals were ever issued but there is a wonderful collection of (rare) Sales & Technical Specification Sheets, Individual Machine Catalogues, Illustrations, Accessories and "Letters of Recommendation" available: X.L., Mark V, Model X. Dreadnought (several versions including the 5-inch), Model S (several versions), Model 21/8", Model-de-Lux 21./8", Model Super, Heavy-duty 4-inch, Milling & Drilling Attachment, Lathes as supplied for branding as Zyto (etc.), shapers, 4-inch wood lathe, etc.

For Sale & Wanted

Portass "4-inch" Heavy-duty No.15 backgeared, gap-bed and screwcutting lathe. Seldom found, this unusual Portass has a greater-than-usual capacity with a 4-inch centre height and admitting perhaps 30 inches between centres.

Asking price: £375.00
Location: Chatham, United Kingdom