Model: V

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Manuals for Model: V

Print code: MB140A

Beaver (and "Balding", "Baldingmil" and "Prince Hunter" for export versions) V, VB, Mk. 2 VBRP and Pal Millers: a complete 188-page Data Pack of information including: Instruction and Service Manual and Parts Manual as Exploded Diagrams and Sectional Drawings with wiring diagrams. Additional sheets cover the Mk. 4 table-feed gearbox, the Electronic variable-speed table drive (with wiring diagrams) Variable-speed drive head exploded-component parts drawings, the head from the "Pal" Model and the Operation Manual for the Slotting Attachment.

Print code: ME115A

Eisele Feed Unit Type VE/72 to convert the VMS 11/V, VMS 111/PV and VMS 1V/PV (VMS2/5, VMS 3/PV, VMS4/PV) to fully automatic operation. English or German Text.

Print code: MH434

Herbert Drills Types C, V and M and "V Senior" (single and multi-set drill) Operator's Instruction Manual - Final and most-complete edition.

Print code: MH434A

Herbert Drills Types C, V and M and "V senior" Spare Parts Manual as Exploded Component Diagrams. Final, most-complete Edition.

Print code: MH434A

Herbert Drills Types Cand V Spare Parts Manual as Exploded Component Diagrams. First edition. See below for the more complete version.

Print code: MH434B

Herbert Drills Types B, H, J and "V Junior" (precision bench large and small, precision column and multi-head unit): Spare Parts Manual as Photographs.

Print code: ML18

Lapointe Broaching Machines Vertical and Horizontal Types including L-Types, HP-Types, Small Vertical Pull Down, Vertical Hydraulic Presses, Single Ram Surface Machines, Double Ram Surface Machines, Hydraulic Pull Down Machines and Universal Broach Sharpeners. Types: 2S-L, 2S-L6, 2L, 2L6,3L, 3L8, 3 1/2L, 4L, HP-5, HP-15, HP-20, HP-30, HP-40, HP-50, HP-75, HP-100, SPD 4-12, SPD 6-18, SPD 8-24, SPD 10-24, the CPC range of Hydraulic Presses, SRV Models, DRV Models, V-1 to V-9 Models.Operator's Instruction and Service Manual with a number of Electrical and Hydraulic Schematics.

Print code: MR526

Rockwell Band Saw Horizontal Model V: Instruction Manual.

Print code: MR526D

Rockwell Band Saw 20-inch Vertical Model V Horizontal Band saw. Instruction Manual.

Print code: MS700V2

Startrite V and RWF Band Saws: Detailed Operating, Maintenance Manual and Exploded-component Parts Manual and Electrical Schematic.

Print code: MS700W

Startrite T, V, R, RF, RWF and RWS Series Bandsaws: Detailed Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual and Exploded Component Parts Manual with an electrical schematic.

Print code: MS780F

Snow (England ). All Models Vertical (V, V12, VA12, V18, V24, V40/16, V40/60) Grinder: Setting up and Operating Manuals and Sales and Specification catalogue. Includes layout and general-arrangement blueprints, some wiring schematics and Manuals for the Vickers-Detroit Vane Pumps, Ellison Time-lag Switches and Westalite Rectifiers. A complete data pack for these machines retrieved from the factory before its demolition.

Print code: MS780J

SNOW GRINDER (England ) V.100/16 Vertical Spindle Grinder. Operating and Maintenance Instructions with Parts as Sectional Drawings. Includes Electrical & Hydraulic Schematics and a copy of the maker's Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue.

Print code: MW315R

WEBSTER and BENNETT Series V Series Vertical Boring & Turning Machine. Maintenance Manual and Parts Manual as clear Sectional Drawings. Includes an Electrical Schematic. This manual is for the 60-inch machine but also applies to other versions with smaller and larger tables.

Print code: P475

Portass Lathes: no manuals were ever issued but there is a wonderful collection of (rare) Sales & Technical Specification Sheets, Individual Machine Catalogues, Illustrations, Accessories and "Letters of Recommendation" available: X.L., Mark V, Model X. Dreadnought (several versions including the 5-inch), Model S (several versions), Model 21/8", Model-de-Lux 21./8", Model Super, Heavy-duty 4-inch, Milling & Drilling Attachment, Lathes as supplied for branding as Zyto (etc.), shapers, 4-inch wood lathe, etc.