Taiwanese Generic Belt-drven Headstock Lathe Operation & Parts Manual

TAIWANESE belt-drive headstock lathes: A 2-Edition Manual for Taiwanese lathes - the most popular and common medium-sized model offered during the last 35 years being sold with a bewildering variety of names including: Brazier’s TY110, Carolina, Grizzly DF-1224G, Enco, Everest, Glen, Honden Visa, Husky PC-36, JET 10-24, Kin Shin, KS-3.5, Lantaine, Lux-Cut, Manhattan, Mascot SS-23, McMillan, MS, MSC, Peerless, Stebbins, Warco, Wey YII Corp, TIDA TD-4A, 45A, 5A, etc. - "1122", "1124", "1224", "1236", "1340", "1327" & 2021, etc.. Some of the names used were of actual manufacturers - or importers and agents - while others were entirely made-up - lathes sometimes arriving at the distributors with an envelope containing a selection of “fictional” nameplates. However, all versions and sizes appear to have been of mechanically identical design and construction with common Model designations being: “1122”, “1124”, “1224”, “1236”, “1340”, “1327”, TD-4A, TD-45A, TD-5A, TD-4AA, TD-45AA and, TD-5AA. Some minor differences have been found on the headstock including one model with a lever-operated backgear.The publication consists of two Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manuals: one from a version often branded Warco and another for that listed as the Lantaine with Parts as clear, exploded-component drawings and Electrical Schematics including those from a late version of this lathe with a downward-pointing lever on the face of the headstock a vertical line of push-button switches on the left of the headstock's front face. My article about the lathes can be found here: http://www.lathes.co.uk/taiwan


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