EDWARDS TRUECUT DD (Direct Drive) Guillotine - Data Pack




125 1250 2 2.5 2000 2500 3.25 3000 3600 4 5 DD Truecut 3

Machine types: 

Press / Plate Worker


  • Operators Manual
  • Maintenance Manual
  • Parts Manual
  • Electrical Diagrams

EDWARDS TRUECUT DD (Direct Drive) Guillotines sometimes marked "600" - which just means made when owned by the "600 Machine Tool Group". A complete and comprehensive data pack with Operator's Instructions, Maintenance and Spare Parts as Exploded Component Drawings. Covers early and late examples (two manuals are included) and the different drive systems of the 2.5/1250, 2.5/2000, 2.5/2500, 2.5/3000, 3.25/1250, 3.25/2000, 2/3000 2.5/2500, 2.5/3000, 2.5/3600 etc. - also applicable to the 3/125, 4/125, 5/125 and 6/125 models (3, 4, 5 and 6 feet wide with 1/8" capacity) and the metric equivalent models. Includes absolutley clear wiring diagrams for the UK, European and American markets and Instructions for the Standard, Precision and Power Back Guage Assemblies (the power type with a wiring diagram).
Also available separately, if required - for £65 - are large drawings of the DD covering: Back Gauge; Front Gauge, Installation, General Arrangement, General Arrangement of the Hold Down Pneumatic Lift Off, Electrical Blue Print. To order the large prints please phone: 01298-871633.


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