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10-inch Regal

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LeBlond Regal 10-inch Regal. For this lathe we can offer a data pack with the 2 known relevant publications:
1) LeBLOND REGAL "Running a Regal" 1930s to 1940s. The first LeBlond handbook that deals, in a very comprehensive way, with all sizes of "Regal" lathes made during that period. (72 pages, small format). The part of this book that dealt with the 10-inch lathe was issued by LeBlond bound as a separate publication - but for the 10-inch lathe this fuller edition is much more useful. Originally printed as a 72-page small format edition this has been enlarged to A4 to make it more readable and the illustrations clearer.
2) A superb 47-page Technical Sales Catalogue and Price List. This first-edition publication introduces the new, lighter LeBlond lathes and is full of detailed technical information, useful Component Parts Pictures as well as interesting company and factory information.
From a customer: "It’s all too rare to find that a purchase exceeds all expectations, which is very much the case with your Regal 10’ data pack. It’s an essential package for anyone with one of these lathes. I’m delighted with both the quality of the paper and the reproductions.


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