Model: F

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Manuals for Model: F

Print code: J70R2

JONES and SHIPMAN Full-range, well-illustrated Grinder Catalogue from the
1940s to 1950s. Covers the following models: AW, BW, CW, OH, PAW, HBY, HCY,

Print code: M46

Meddings and Meddings "Pacera" Drilling and other Machine Tools (these were the early models made during the 1940s until the 1970s). Comprehensive and Detailed Sales & Specification Catalogue set showing the range of models including the Series "L", "MB", "MF", "HB", "F", "A", "P", Multi-head, "W", "WA", Special-purpose machines, Jig Saws, Fret Saws, Hacksaws, sanding drums and all the many accessories, etc.

For details of how best to employ this type of drill the book shown below is a valuable guide to all matters "drills and drilling".

Print code: MA445A

ADCOCK and  SHIPLEY No. 1 Milling Machine Models A, AA, AB, AD, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, M, N, P, and J with various feed arrangements including LSL, LLL, SSS, G, J, AH and M, etc. (these may appear on the machine plate ) Maintenance and  Operator's Instruction Manual. Includes three versions of the Technical Sales and  Specification Catalogue.

Print code: MA620A

American Tool Works Pacemaker Lathes: Instruction Manual for the 14", 16", 20", and 25" E and F lathes. USA Army edition.

Print code: MA736

Atlas 10-inch F and D type Lathe. Separate Parts Manual as exploded component diagrams and a basic threading chart.

Print code: MA736A

Atlas Lathe "Pick-o-matic" Screwcutting Attalchment. 79-page Manual for the 10-inch F and D type Lathe. Complete Installation and Operator's Instruction Manual with extensive charts giving threads and feed rates for every possible combination of gears and including threads not listed on the lathe. Exploded components diagrams. Plus a copy of the Pick-O-Matic lathes Sales and Specification and Specification and Accessories catalogue

Print code: MC81FPC

Churchill F Roll Grinder (fixed head): Maintenance Manual, Operating and Maintenance Manual and Parts as Sectional Drawings.

Print code: MF56

Firth Cleveland M and F Series Pumps. Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual

Print code: MG58E

Fischer +GF+ KDM 18-28/F Copying Lathe. Detailed Operating Instructions and Maintenance Manual

Print code: MH621

Hitachi Seiki Hitec-Turn SNC Lathe. Programming Manual for Fanuc 3T-F.

Print code: MH621H

Hitachi Seiki Hitec-Turn SNC Lathe. Operator's Instruction Manual (with Fanuc 3T-F).

Print code: MK172B

Kearney and Trecker 315-330 and 415-430 "T and F" Series Milling Machines: Plain, Horizontal and Vertical. Operator's Instruction Manual.

Print code: MK172C

Kearney and Trecker 315-330 and 415-430 TF Series Milling Machines: Plain, Universal and Vertical. Parts Manual as Exploded Component drawings.

Print code: ML5A

Landis Handbooks (2 editions) for Chasers & Die Heads: Operator's Instruction and
Maintenance Manual for Lanco Type R hand-operated machines, Lanco Head
Type MR, Landex Heads Types J, JX, MJ & MJN for Automatic Screw Machines, Landmatic Head Type A, F and MF for Turret Lathes. Includes grinding threads with and without leadscrew feed, tapered pipe threads and rake or cutting angles. General grinding instructions; setting Landis Chasers; Operation of Landis Die Heads; left-hand threads; cleaning, adjusting, repairing and lubricating Landis Die Heads. £37

Print code: ML71B

LeBlond Regal Lathes (13" to 19") early-1940s to the late 1950s. These were designated: A = 10", B = 13", C = 15", D = 17" E = 19", F = 21", H = 24". The lathes remained largely unchanged mechanically from their introduction until the late 1950s - although the stands and drive systems were modernized to make the machines more compact. A detailed and comprehensive Operation, & Maintenance Manual with a Parts Manual as clear Exploded Component Drawings. 98 pages.

Print code: N400

NUTTALL 6.5-inch centre height Lathe Models C, D, E and F. (Australia). Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue. 4 pages

Print code: S525

STAR Watchmakers' Lathes. 7 Sales Sheets showing the boxed lathe sets B, C,  D, E, F, and R; the base-mounted with countershaft and motor Combination Set No. 9m.C. (Code 8896); the rare maker's reference No. 8901 stand-mounted unit with drawers, countershaft and light unit - this page showing the contents of the drawers. Also includes a page on the maker's simple "turns" version branded "IRA" maker's Reference 8881 and 8887. English French and Spanish Text