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Model: HC

This page displays all the content on the website associated with the 'HC' model. Numeric models include all prefixes, such as 'Number', 'Mark', 'Size' etc.

Manuals for Model: HC

Print code: H16

HARDINGE LATHE CATALOG COLLECTION. After several requests for a package of data on these superb lathes, the following has been put together. It consists of the full, detailed and well-illustrated catalogs for the HLV, HLV-H, HLV-H Hydraulic-copy (tracer) model, DSM 59, HCT, HSL Five-Nine Speed Lathe, DSM59, DSM59-R, VBS, VBS-R, AHC and HC. 176 pages.

Print code: MD398M

DoAll HC-35A and HC-35 Automatic and Manual Power Saws. Operator's Instruction, Maintenance and Lubrication Manual.

Print code: MH13HC

Hardinge Model HC, HCT and HCR Chucking Lathes. Comprehensive Operator's Instruction Manuals. Two editions, early and late, are included together with a separate publication giving detailed instructions for the Automatic Threading Unit (HC-T) and Pneumatic Bar Feed. separate publications one for the Automatic Threading Unit and another for the Bar Feed. Also included is an electrical schematic. A complete operation data pack for this lathe.

Print code: MH13HCM

Hardinge Model HC Chucking Lathe. Maintenance Manual with detailed dismantling Instructions. Includes a copy of the maker's useful 24-page Sales and Specification and Accessories Catalog showing all the accessories and outlining their applications.

Print code: MH13HCP

Hardinge Model HC Chucking Lathe. Parts List as Annotated and Sectional Drawings - an essential supplement to the Maintenance Manual.

Print code: ML71B

LeBlond Regal Lathes (13" to 19") early-1940s to the late 1950s. These were designated: A = 10", B = 13", C = 15", D = 17" E = 19", F = 21", H = 24". The lathes remained largely unchanged mechanically from their introduction until the late 1950s - although the stands and drive systems were modernized to make the machines more compact. A detailed and comprehensive Operation, & Maintenance Manual with a Parts Manual as clear Exploded Component Drawings. 98 pages.

Print code: MP710E

PROMECAM HC Hydraulic Bending Rolls. Instruction Manual. English and French Text

Print code: MW5217

Wadkin HC Automatic Saw Sharpener. Operation and Maintenance Manual with Electrical Diagram.