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Tom Senior

Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MS514

Although there never was a complete manual for Tom Senior millers the following is a complete compendium of all known technical and sales literature: SENIOR (Tom Senior) Milling Machines Operator's Instructions and Parts Manual with Sectional Drawings. Covers all the common Senior millers with a proper (if slender) manual for the M1 and details of the Major, E.L.T., V.S., Junior, Universal, Light Vertical S Type and a special 6-page manual and parts list for the E-Type head. Comprises a set of sheets issued at various times by the company.

Print code: S160

Senior (Tom Senior) earlier machines (pre-1940): lathes, shapers, saws, etc. - no manuals were ever printed but there is a very interesting early General Full-range Catalogue from 1934 showing a range of Lathes in kit and complete forms: Shapers, Planers, Drills, Milling Slides, Dividing Attachments, Castings, Chucks, Horizontal Miller and Tools for Engineers, etc.

Print code: S160A

SENIOR a very interesting general Catalogue: Shapers, Planers, Drills, Milling Slides, Dividing Attachments, Castings, Chucks, Horizontal Miller & Tools for Engineers: 1940 64 pages

Print code: S160C

SENIOR Milling Machines: several full-range Catalogue 1950s, 1960s, 1970s
and 1980s
showing the development of the various models: 1950s, 1960s
(12 pages); 1970s (12 pages); 1980s (12 pages) an early Senior Catalogue.

For Sale & Wanted

For Sale: Tom Senior M1 Milling Machine fitted with a powerful, 2 h.p. 2J2 variable-speed Bridgeport head and an unmarked, 33" x 7" power-feed table.

Asking price: £1,950.00
Location: Brentwood, United Kingdom

WANTED: Maker’s accessories for a Tom Senior M1 milling machine. Anything considered included a rotary table, dividing head, slotting head, etc. Would also consider a complete Tom Senior M1 with accessories.

Asking price:
Location: United Kingdom

Tom Senior Major ELT Universal Milling Machine. A late-model example of this top-of-the-range machine.

Asking price: £1,750.00
Location: Pewsey, United Kingdom

 For Sale: Tom Senior ELT vertical and horizontal milling machine.

Asking price: £2,250.00
Location: helmsford, United Kingdom

For Sale: Tom Senior E-Type vertical milling machine table 6.5" x 28". This beautifully made and compact milling machine is equipped with a 3-axis DRO and a Newton-Tesla variable-speed drive controller.

Asking price: £2,500.00
Location: United Kingdom