Sold: Naerok Mill-Drill

Naerok Mill-drill / coordinate drilling machine. Of all the Taiwanese mill drills, the Naerok is by far the best - it has a bevel box at the base of the column that keeps the head in perfect alignment as it's lifted through its large vertical range. The R8 spindle (it takes inexpensive Bridgeport tooling) has both fine feed by a handwheel and a rapid-action drilling feed by capstan handles (these are included but not shown in the photographs). Included an excellent range of accessories including a DRO system for the table, a DRO for the downfeed, a rotary table, swivel-base machine vice, R8 Precision boring head, R8 fly cutter, R8 to No.2 Morse taper adapter, four No.2 Morse taper drill chucks of various sizes, an R8 slitting saw holder, two Moore & Wright (boxed) V-blocks, a pair of gound parallels, numerous Morse taper drills and two full sets of boxed drills, masses of cutting tools and a full clamping set. Single-phase electrics. Details of Naerok Mill/Drills here



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