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Adcock and Shipley No. 1 Manual


Adcock and Shipley


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Machine types: 

Milling Machine


  • Operators Manual
  • Maintenance Manual
  • Parts Manual
  • Catalog

Acorntools 10-inch and 12-inch Lathes (Atlas 10-inch Clone): A complete package of information that covers all models from the first models to the last is available. It includes:

  1. A very comprehensive Manual with over 240 pages that contains detailed Operating and Maintenance Manual - it's probably the best instruction manual ever produced by a lathe manufacturer.
  2. Extensive thread-cutting instructions and dedicated charts from the larger 61-page "supplementary" Screwcutting Instruction Booklet.
  3. Extra instructional sheets issued by Atlas but never included in the main Manual: taper turning attachment; fitting new leadscrew nuts, steady rests, adjustable bed stop, machine vice and dismantling procedures for headstock and backgear.
  4. A complete, illustrated Parts Manual with exploded-parts diagrams.
  5. A set of reproductions of the original (Atlas) advertising catalogs (some very rare) that give a complete technical specification for the lathe, shows model changes over the years and illustrate all the accessories.

All manuals are scanned at high resolution and supplied as a top-quality print, bound and on a superior 129g paper.

Unless otherwise stated, all manuals are in English. We ship world-wide to all destinations.

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