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Asking price: £1,250.00

For Sale: Tom Senior E-Type Vertical Milling Machine table 5" x 25" Mounted on the maker's cabinet stand and fitted with the superb swivelling S-Type head with a 2-Morse taper quill and both rapid-action drilling by lever and fine feed by handwheel feeds. This is a beautifully constructed machine with just one very careful amateur engineer owner from new. Single-phase electrics, No 2 Morse spindle with both fine downfeed by a handwheel and a quick-action drilling feed by lever.

Location: Darlington, United Kingdom
Asking price: £1,500.00

Myford 254S lathe 4.75" x 21" fitted with a full screwcutting gearbox with an enclosed leadscrew and a separate power-shaft drive to the sliding and power cross feeds, a hardened bed, extra large micrometer dials, a 26 mm spindle bore and single-phase electrics. Very well equipped with 3-jaw chuck  4-jaw chuck, fixed steady, travelling steady, an Emco milling slide, quick-set toolpost, 4-way toolpost, and all the original tooling and accessories used by the last owner as shown in the photographs.

Location: Darlington, United Kingdom
Asking price: £95.00

Quick-set/Rotating Toolpost - an unusual design of a high-class toolpost complete with five toolholders and complete with mounting instructions (in Italian.....). Manufactured by "DBD", its size is suitable for lathes such as Boxford, Viceroy, Raglan, Colchester Bantam and others with a 4.5 to 5-inch centre height.

Location: United Kingdom
Asking price: £1.00

For Sale: a classic Pittler C3 lathe precision (130mm x 600mm) badged by George Adams the UK agent for Pittler machines. Built c1900 and in full working order. I have looked after this lathe for over 40 years making model steam and Stirling engines but now old age forces me to seek another custodian for it. It's mounted on its original cast iron base and is still, I believe in its original paint. This lathe does show signs of backlash on cross-slide leadscrew nuts - but has been carefully looked after all its life, it shows little wear and no significant corrosion.

Location: Winchester, United Kingdom
Asking price: £475.00

Avery hardness testing machine Model 6402. Complete with the essential rigid base, an Instruction Manual and hardness conversion tables. Quote from the handbook: The Direct Reading Hardness Testing Machine carries out the Rockwell test, making use of a hardened steel ball or alternatively a diamond cone indenter. A number of combinations of load and indenter are employed in accordance with a specified series of hardness scales.

Location: Sevenoaks, United Kingdom
Asking price: £1,150.00

For Sale: Pultra 15/90 high-precision lathe. This is the rare, larger Pultra with a 3.5" centre height and taking 20 mm through the headstock spindle. Mounted on the maker's underdrive, 9-speed Mardrive stand that gives 135 to 3265 r.p.m.. The lathe is complete with a screw-feed compound slide rest assembly and the very seldom found screwcutting attachment complete with a separate top slide - this having the Carden drive shaft, a set of changewheels and a screwcutting chart.

Location: Farnham, United Kingdom