Sold: Dore Westbury Vertical Miller

Dore Westbury "ram-head" Vertical Miller. A most versatile machine with a head that can be elevated, swung, tilted and moved in and out. Fitted with a No.2 Morse taper socket and a standard Myford thread nose that allows chucks, etc., to be fitted. Included is a complete boxed set of Myford No.2 Insert collets that fir into the spindle of the miller and are used to hold cutters (those boxed sets usually sell for over £100) The spindle has both worm-and-wheel gearing for fine feeds and a rapid-action drilling quill. The spindle speeds are both direct drive and through epicyclic gearing giving a range of 34.5. 90, 188, 304, 790 and 1650 r.p.m. Fitted with a Dore Westbury machine vice, an excellent quality Vertex rotary table, fly cutter and several milling cutters. £650 or any reasonable offer. Details of Dore Westbury millers here



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