Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: L30

LANG Lathes. Superb early 1900s full-range catalogue 135 pages.

Print code: L30A

LANG Lathes. 12th Edition catalogue. Pre WW1. Superb early full-range catalogue. 122 pages.

Print code: L30B

LANG Lathes. 1960 General Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue. 24 pages.

Print code: L30C

LANG "Electrofeed" Lathes Models 16D, 20D and 30CD. Two Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue. 10 pages

Print code: L30D

LANG Model A4 Lathe Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue. Superb Illustrations. 20 pages

Print code: L30E

LANG "Boring & Surfacing Lathes" Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue circa 1935. 30 pages

Print code: L30Z

LANG Lathes and other Lang products - Full-range catalogue covering machines made circa late 1930s to early 1950s. 160 beautifully-illustrated pages showing all the various types of lathe - standard, toolroom, boring & facing, production, capstan, Wickman, etc. with comprehensive screwcutting charts, clutch adjustment instructions, details of how to use the Universal Relieving Attachment, , tooth-rounding machines (with operating instructions), presses, pumps, multi-disc clutches, etc. £85 (A spare original hard-back copy might be available, please inquire).

Print code: ML10A

Lang Junior Lathes. Combined Manuals for the 13-inch and 17-inch Models: Includes Instruction Book and Parts as component Photographs.

Print code: ML10A

Lang B and CB Lathes: Detailed and very well-illustrated Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual.

Print code: ML10B

LANG J6 13-inch and 17-inch Lathe: Detailed Instruction Manual and Parts manual as Component Photographs. Includes clutch adjustment instructions and a copy of the maker's Sales and Specification Catalogue.

Print code: ML10C

Lang 8B, 8B2, 10B and 10B2 Lathes: Instruction Manual and Parts Manual with Electrical schematic.

Print code: ML10D

Lang A4 and CA4 (Models 12A4, 14A4, 33CA4, 42CA4) Lathes: Detailed Instruction Manual with some maintenance instructions and sectional drawings and a copy of the comprehensive Sales, Technical Specification and Accessories Catalogue.

Print code: ML10E

Lang 21D, 25D and 32D Lathes: Detailed and well-illustrated Instruction, Maintenance and Parts Manual. Includes the Maintenance Instructions for the BHI Multi-disc clutches.

Print code: ML10F

Lang 16D, 16CD, 20D and 20CD Lathes: Detailed and well-illustrated Instruction and Maintenance Manual.

Print code: ML10G

Lang Toolroom Lathes 13-inch and 17-inch.Installation and Operation.

Print code: ML10H

Lang Lathes all Models - including the "Junior" - a general guide to their Installation, Maintenance and Adjustment in.

Print code: ML10Junior

Lang Junior Lathes up to the 1940s (two upward-pointing levers on the face of the headstock with, between them , one small downwards pointing lever). Technical literature for these earlier, smaller Lang lathes was sparse so a data pack has been assembled with all known publications consisting of: two editions (early and late) of the "Operation of Lang Lathes" and two well-illustrated early Junior Sales Catalogues that cover all three sizes. For details of Lang Junior Mk.1 lathes see: