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Model: 16

This page displays all the content on the website associated with the '16' model. Numeric models include all prefixes, such as 'Number', 'Mark', 'Size' etc.

Manuals for Model: 16

Print code: A18

"AMERICAN" (American Tool Works) Tool Room Lathes Catalog 1928. Beautiful illustrations together with 6 pages explaining the workings of the relieving attachment, and many other detailed descriptions of the machines' construction and operation. Covers the 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 24"GP, 24" HP and 27" models. 30 pages.

Print code: A18C

"AMERICAN" (American Tool Works) Pacemaker Lathes. Range Catalog 14", 16", 20" MD & 20" HD 1949 42 pages

Print code: E112D

Elliott Drill: (Progress) Models 16 & 16S: Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue. 4 pages.

Print code: H680H

Holbrook Model C Lathes: Well illustrated and detailed Technical Catalogue showing the Models Nos. 10, 13 and 16. Covers, with a supplement, both roller bearing and plain-headstock models. Includes a comprehensive guide to screwcutting.

Print code: L290

LePont Lathes: 16", 20", 24", 28", 34", 40", 48", 56", 72" two well-illustrated Sales & Technical Specification Catalogues. 12 pages

Print code: L381

Lodge & Shipley Model A 13", 16" and 20" Engine, Toolroom and Manufacturing lathes Catalogue 1949. 22 pages.

Print code: MB210B

Blanchard No. 16 Vertical Surface Grinder. Operator's Instruction Manual.

Print code: MB684A

BRYANT Series 16 Grinders (16-16" & 16-22") Hydraulic Internal. Spare Parts Manual as Sectional Drawings. £55

Print code: MC893

CVA No. 16 and No. 20 Single Spindle Automatic Lathes: Spare Parts Manual as exploded Component Drawings, Electrical Diagrams and Cam layout tables.

Print code: MF11H

FANUC Series 16, 18, 160, 180 Model B. Connection Manual - Hardware.

Print code: MG640V

Gleason Nc/75 Ratio of Roll and Compound Change Gear Tables and Tables of Ratios and their Reciprocals for the following machines: 15" Spiral Bevel Generator, 15" Hypoid Generator, No. 16 Hypoid Generator, 25" Spiral Bevel Generator, 25" Hypoid Generator, No. 26 Hypoid Generator, No. 16 Hypoid Rougher, No. 26 Hypoid Rougher, 12" Straight Bevel Generator, No. 14 Straight Bevel Generator,No. 24 Straight Bevel Generator, 25" Straight Bevel Generator and No. 28 Hypoid Generator.

Print code: MK172E

Kearney and Trecker Milwaukee-Mil 1200-1800 Series Simplex and Duplex "Milwaukee Milling Machines". Operator's Instruction Manual.

Print code: MK172F

Kearney and Trecker Milwaukee-Mill 1200-1800 Series Simplex and Duplex "Milwaukee Milling Machines". Operator's Instruction Manual.

Print code: MM440E

MONDIALE GALLIC 16 and Gallic 400 Lathes (the "16" is name given to the model with a 14-inch swing, the 400 is the metric name for the same 400mm swing lathes). Later models with angular styling. Operator's Instruction Manual and Parts Manual as Sectional Drawings. Includes reproductions of the frequently damaged screwcutting and speed charts and an electrical diagram.

Print code: MM475F

Morgan Rushworth Box and Pan Brake Model BP48/16 (Possibly branded "Reliant"). Installation and Operating Instructions. 2 pages.

Print code: MM475G

Morgan Rushworth Box and Pan Brake Model BP550/16. Installation and Operating Instructions. 2 pages.

Print code: MM510G

Matrix (Coventry Gauge and Tool Company) No. 16 Universal Tap and Thread Grinding Machine. Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual.

Print code: MS530

Shorte No. 16, 18 and 20 Rolloseam Lock Forming and Flanging Attachment. Rolloseam Flanging Machines Models 16, Button Punch and Autoguide, Button Punch Snap Lock Forming Machine, Rolloseam Cleat Forming Machines, Operating Instructions with Parts as Exploded Component Drawings and Electrical Circuit Diagrams.

Print code: MS750

Smith (J.J.Smith) SCP 16, SCP 18, SCP 21, SCP 23 and H5U Planing and Moulding machine. Instruction and Maintenance manual with Parts Manual as Exploded Component Drawings.

Print code: MS780J

SNOW GRINDER (England ) V.100/16 Vertical Spindle Grinder. Operating and Maintenance Instructions with Parts as Sectional Drawings. Includes Electrical & Hydraulic Schematics and a copy of the maker's Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue.

Print code: MS785

Stevens and Bullivant Rotary Swaging Machines. Not a manual but a very useful 52-page Catalogue with details of the full product range, Models 26, 24, 20, 18, 16, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 00 including some useful technical data, a description of the rotary swaging process, examples of swaged work, sectional drawing of the head assembly and Setting up and Adjustments Data.

Print code: MV100C

Van Norman No. 16 Miling Machine. Maintenance Manual.

Print code: MW250

Ward Capstan and Turret Lathes. Ward's system for Manuals included the publication of this very comprehensive but non-machine-specific 78-page "Operator's Instruction Manual, Instruction Manual and Catalogue" and to back this up with smaller publications to explain the operating peculiarities of individual models (listed below).

Print code: P-133

Elliott Multi Spindle Drilling Machines - detailed descriptions and specifications of models No. 1, 2G and 16.

Print code: P-144

Elliott M Series Omnispeed High Speed Lathes Catalog - Models MS.15 and MS.16

Print code: S190E

SIDNEY Lathes (1958) for the Models 26, 20, 25 and 32. Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue. 8 pages.