Model: 11

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Manuals for Model: 11

Print code: C62J

CHURCHILL-REDMAN N.M. Lathes: 7", 9", 11", 13", & 15" Models detailed Sales & Technical Specification Catalogue.

Print code: MB210A

Blanchard No.11 Vertical Surface Grinders (covers Models 12 to 17 as well). Comprehensive Operator's Instruction Manual and detailed Sectional-drawings Parts Manual, dismantling instructions and electrical diagrams

Print code: MB410TROP

MB410TROP Bridgeport Copy Milling Machines: "Synchro-Trace 11" (True-Trace) and "Control-path Automatic 360/3D Tracer Valve". Detailed Operator's Instruction Manuals.

Print code: MB430D

Bridgeport Interact 4 and Interact 1 Mk.2. Service-Engineer's Spindle Drive Information. Comprehensive details including hand books for the Midi-Maestro and Maxi-Maestro Variable-speed drives and the Mentor 11 DC Drive User's Guide,

Print code: MB644

Brown and Sharpe Grinders: Large (160 page) volume published by the company with very detailed photographs showing the machines in use and the application of special fittings. Not a Manual, and not a Sales and Specification folder - but very interesting if you have one of the following: Universal Grinders, No.5 Plain Grinding machine, Surface Grinders, No. 11 Face Grinding Machine, Tool and Cutter grinder No. 13 Universal and Tool and Cutter Grinder.

Print code: MC300AC

Colchester-Clausing 11 (sold in the UK as the Bantam "MK. 2" 800, 1600 and 2000. Full 95-page Instruction and Maintenance Manual and Illustrated Parts Manual as exploded diagrams and Electrical Diagrams.. Includes complete translation of the text into French and German - and copies of the useful Specification, Sales and Specification and Accessories Brochures for each model. Perfect pictures and diagrams A picture of the lathe is here:

Print code: MC40

Carba-Tec Mk. 11 Mini Wood Lathe: Simple Instruction Manual and Parts Manual. All Carba-tec lathes use the same base unit and these instructions can be used with other models.

Print code: MC66B

Centec 2C, Automill Mk. 11 and Automill Mk. 111: Operator's Handbooks and Parts Manual as Sectional Drawings. Includes a copy of the maker's Sales and Specification Catalogue.

Print code: ME115A

Eisele Feed Unit Type VE/72 to convert the VMS 11/V, VMS 111/PV and VMS 1V/PV (VMS2/5, VMS 3/PV, VMS4/PV) to fully automatic operation. English or German Text.

Print code: ME116E

ELB Surface Grinder Model SWBE-010-VA-11 Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual.

Print code: ME351P

Emco Maximat Super 11 and 11CD Lathe: Operator's Instruction Manual including electrical connection diagrams, copies of the sometimes damaged or unclear screwcutting charts,

Print code: ME351Q

Emco Maximat Super 11 and 11CD Lathe: Parts Manuals as useful Exploded-component Diagrams.

Print code: MF10Y

Fanuc 10 Series, 11 Series and 12 Series Maintenance Manual (600-pages).

Print code: MF10Z

Fanuc 10/100 Series, 11/110 Series and 12/120 Series Operator's manual.

Print code: MF10ZM

Fanuc 10/100 Series, 11/110 Series and 12/120 Series Maintenance Manual (700-page).

Print code: MF11C

Fanuc 10TA and 11TTA Programming Manual.

Print code: MG350A

GEC Gemini 2, 4, 7 and 11 Thyristor Controlled Adjustable-speed drives. Operator's Instruction and Technical Manual with Electrical Schematics.

Print code: MG400

General Electric "Statotrol 11" DC Drives Series: 3SFW, 3SFWB, 3SFWC and 3SFWR. Instruction Book.

Print code: MG58C

Fischer +GF+ KDM-11 and KDM-18 (George Fischer) Copying Lathe: Spares Parts Listings and Drawings.

Print code: MG58H

Fischer +GF+ Type HEA-11/22 and HEA-18/35 Infeed Attachments. Instruction Book.

Print code: MH402A

Herbert older models: No. 1, 11, 13 and 19 Hexagon Turret Lathes. Operator's hand book.

Print code: MT365A

True-Trace "Synchro-trace 11" Automatic 3D Programmed Mill Control. Detailed Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual for the following assemblies: Model 1053-01 Tracer valve, Model 4003-09 Control Box, Model 5016-11 Power unit, Model 6050-04 Knee Cylinder, Model 4030-02 Hydraulic Transmission and Model 4029-02 Hydraulic Transmission.

Print code: MT365C

True-Trace "Synchro-trace 11" Tracer Hydraulic Copying Unit. Service Manual for Mechanical and Electrical Components with Parts Manual as Exploded Component and Sectional Drawings.

Print code: MT365D

True-Trace "Synchro-Trace 11" Tracer Hydraulic Copy Unit. Operator's Instruction Manual.

Print code: MW383B

Wickman Six-spindle Automatic 11/4"-6 and 2"-6 lathe. Operator's Instruction Manual with detailed Sectional Drawings.