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Model: 21

This page displays all the content on the website associated with the '21' model. Numeric models include all prefixes, such as 'Number', 'Mark', 'Size' etc.

Manuals for Model: 21

Print code: MD100K

Dean Smith and Grace Type 18 and 21 Lathes: Operator's Instruction and basic Maintenance Manual with a copy of the detailed and well-illustrated all-models maker's Sales, Technical Specification Catalogue for the same era.

Print code: MD313

Delta Rockwell Millers: Vertical, Horizontal and the Horizontal with a Vertical Head. Combined Manual for the Models 21-100 Horizontal, 21-120 vertical and 21-122 Combination Horizontal and Vertical. Also covers the 52-020 and 21-820 versions - but not the latter's variable-speed table-drive system. Instruction Manual, Maintenance Manual, Exploded Parts Diagrams, several detailed electrical diagrams and copies of two Sales, Technical Specification & Accessories Catalogs.

Print code: MH740

Holbrook Model B No. 13, No. 17 and No. 21 Toolroom Lathes: Operator's Instruction Manuals plus Lubrication data, screwcutting charts and electrical diagrams. Includes a comprehensive Technical Sales and Specification and Accessories Catalogue that clearly explains the machine's functions and capabilities.

Print code: MK172A

Kearney and Trecker 210-220, 310-320, 315-330, 415-430 TF Series Milling Machines: Plain, Universal and Vertical. Operator's Instruction Manual.

Print code: MS750

Smith (J.J.Smith) SCP 16, SCP 18, SCP 21, SCP 23 and H5U Planing and Moulding machine. Instruction and Maintenance manual with Parts Manual as Exploded Component Drawings.

Print code: MW380M

Wickman 21/4"-6, 21/4"-6D, 2"-6 and 2"-6D Bar Automatic Lathes Spares as Detailed Sectional Drawings.

Print code: MW383A

Wickman 1"- Five-Spindle Automatic Lathes 13/8", 13/4", 21/4" Bar and 5" and 6" Chucking Automatics. Detailed Operator's Instructions1.