Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MO480C

Ormerod Shapers 10 to 20-inch stroke. Sectional Parts Drawings, a copy of the "All-Models" Operation Manual and three catalogues, one early edition, the other two later.

Print code: MO480D

Ormerod Slotters: 4.5", 6.5", 14" and 16" Models Data Set with Operator's Instructions and a 36-page all-models catalogue set.

Print code: MS51

SHAPER WORK - Work on the Shaping machine - a complete, highly detailed and well-illustrated 333-page book on how to use and get the best from any shaper. Titled: "For Beginners in Machine Shop Practice" it features a larger machine - but the methods and principles involved apply to all makes and types. This is the very best manual on shaper work ever published. A very heavy publication, bound in two volumes and printed on a heavy, high-quality 120g paper