In 1946 "Denford Machine Tools" began production of precision products branded "Box-Ford". In 1952 Mr. Denford sold out the Box-Ford part of his enterprise to T.S. Harrison & Sons Ltd. Well made, strongly built and capable of sustained hard work the original belt-drive Boxford lathe has long been a favourite with not only amateur and professional engineers but also schools and colleges where many thousands were installed during the 1950s and 1960s. By the 1970s Boxford had started to introduce a number of CNC lathes and milling machines, a path that they follow to this day.

Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MB375

Boxford Belt-drive Lathe Manual as a comprehensive Technical Data Pack. A complete, high-quality 228-page publication for all models of belt-drive Boxford lathe from earliest to last. Contains the best of the larger and far better early manuals with clearer pictures and drawings together with additional sections and charts not included in the original - including, for example, far better instruction about operating the tumble-reverse, backgear and apron controls for engaging the leadscrew and power-feed shaft.

Print code: B240AA

BOXFORD 4.5" Precision Plain-turning lathe. Unfortunately no manual was ever issued for this lathe but an interesting Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue is available. 6 pages (plus 6 pages of enlarged pictures from the catalogue).  NOTE: This is not the backgeared and screwcutting Boxford but the rare precision plain-turning type shown here:

Print code: B240

Boxford (Denford) Precision 3-inch Bench Lathe & Bench Capstan Lathe. Sales & Technical Specification Sheets circa 1945/6. 4 pages including a price and specification list and advance information for the 4.5-inch lathes.

Print code: B244ALL

BOXFORD Machine Tools: a Special Catalogue Data Pack of all products that shows the conventional machine tools made by the Company. Spans from the very early 1940s 3-inch Precision Lathes and Rear-drive models to the later Underdrive types and the final Geared-head versions.

Print code: B244DR

BOXFORD Drills (also branded Union) - all types, bench and pillar and accessories.Three Sales and Technical Specification Catalogues. Unfortunately, there never appears to have been a technical manual for these machines and this is the only 12 pages

Print code: MB375P

Boxford (then Denford) 3-inch Precision lathe. No manual was ever issued but we can supply: a reproduction of the large work's engineering drawing that shows the entire machine and countershaft - less the parts dimensions and copies of the Bench Lathe & Bench Capstan Lathe 4-page Sales & Technical Specification Sheets circa 1945/6

Print code: MB376

BOXFORD geared-head Lathes 250IS, 280, 280IS, 280T, 289, 330IS, 330TR, STS 10.20, TF 10.20, TH 10.20, TR.11.30 330, TS 10.20 etc. Instruction & Maintenance Manual and a very clear Exploded Components Parts Manual with electrical schematics for 1-phase and 3-phase machines. Includes copies of several detailed advertising catalogues that give the full (and complex) specification of the various models and show all the accessories ever offered.

Print code: MB377

BOXFORD 125 TCL SERIES Computer Lathe. Operator's Instruction Manual including
complete Computer Tutorial. Includes a copy of the User's Guide for the Archimedes Advanced Draughting System - and the software discs.

Print code: MB377A

Boxford 160 TCL Series Computer Lathe. Operator's Instruction Manual including complete Computer Tutorial, Mechanical Maintenance and Fault-finding Guides, Parts as sectional Drawings and electrical Schematic.

Print code: MB377B

Boxford 190-VMC Vertical Machining Centre (190-VMC Vertical MiIller) Operator's Instruction Manual including complete Computer Tutorial, Mechanical Maintenance and Fault-finding Guides, Parts as Sectional Drawings and Electrical Schematic.

Print code: MB377C

Boxford 260 VMC Vertical Machining Centre. Operator's Instruction Manual for version using BBC Computer Software.

Print code: MB377D

Boxford 280 Turnmaster CNC Lathe. Programming Manual FANUC OT.

Print code: MB377E

Boxford with Fanuc Series O-CT, OO-TC and O-Mate TC Operator's Manual with Parameter Listings.

Print code: MB377F

Boxford ACL (Advanced Computer lathe). Programming Manual.

Print code: MB378

Boxford VM30 Vertical Miller. Operating and Maintenance Manual with Electrical Schematic (slender but useful) and a copy of the maker's Sales and Specification and Specification and Accessories Literature.

Print code: MB379

Boxford (often badged "Union") G200 Tool and Cutter Grinder. Instruction Manual. Also includes a copy of the detailed sales, Technical Specification & Accessories Catalogue. This Tool and Cutter Grinder can be seen here

Print code: MB380

BOXFORD SHAPERS. A data pack consisting of: the Operator's Manual for the Boxford 8-inch and Models 200 & S200 together with a copy of "How to Run a Metal Working Shaper" - the detailed and well-illustrated manual for the shaper on which the Boxford model was based, the South Bend. Also included are all four Boxford Sales & Technical Specification Catalogues: Edition 1: 8-inch High-speed shaper (2 pages). Edition 2 : 8-inch High-speed shaper (2 pages). Edition 3: Model 200 Shaper 2-pages. Edition 4: Model S200 - and two price lists.

Print code: MB630A

Brook Crompton Electric Motor: Type MB4 Disc Brake Instruction sheet (unit as fitted to Boxford VSL and other lathe).

Print code: MD398SC

DoAll Model 8 Tool and Cutter Grinder (a re-badged Boxford G200). Instruction Manual and Parts Manual as Sectional Drawings.

Print code: MM184/MB376

Meca-Lux - this was a Boxford 250, 280, 280TR, ST10.20, 10.20, 11.20, 11.30, 330, 280TR (also badged as the Mecha-Lux)


Print code: MP950

Purcell (South Bend Copy). By far the best Manual for this lathe is the one produced by Denford Tools for the original Boxford lathe. A few mechanical details are different but the operating procedures are identical. It contains a complete 136-page set of information for all models of belt-drive Boxford lathe from the earliest to the last made.

Print code: MS51

SHAPER WORK - Work on the Shaping machine - a complete, highly detailed and well-illustrated 333-page book on how to use and get the best from any shaper. Titled: "For Beginners in Machine Shop Practice" it features a larger machine - but the methods and principles involved apply to all makes and types. This is the very best manual on shaper work ever published. A very heavy publication, bound in two volumes and printed on a heavy, high-quality 120g paper


Print code: MU60A/MB387

Union Tool and Cutter Grinder (Often badged Boxford G200 - the new model). Instruction Manual. This Tool and Cutter Grinder can be seen here

Print code: MU60B

Boxford (Union Tool) and Cutter Grinder (Often badged Boxford G200). Parts Manual as Sectional Drawings. This tool and cutter Grinder can be seen here

Print code: U30

UNION (also badged Harrison & Boxford) Tool & Cutter Grinder (this is not the G200 but an early version on traditional lines). Sales, Technical Specification & Accessories Catalogue. 4 pages (Details of this tool & cutter grinder can be found here)

For Sale & Wanted

Three Workshop Clearance Lathes and a milling machine. Long-term strored and in need of some TLC.

Asking price: £150.00
Location: Sheffield (Mosborough), United Kingdom

Boxford ME 10A 5" x 24" lathe with a full screwcutting and feeds gearbox, power cross feed, coolant and a spindle clutch (the only Boxford model ever to have the latter fitting).  This is a very late model and in exceptionally fine condition - having had just one owner from new i

Asking price: £2,500.00
Location: Northallerton, United Kingdom

Boxford Parts

Changewheels for Boxford, South Bend "9-inch" lathes. A full range is available - but we have currently to rebuild this section of the website.
As the list is incomplete,...

BOXFORD Metric Micrometer Dial. Fits both the cross and top-slide scews of most models including: A, B, C, AUD, BUD, CUD, T, TUD, CSB. Most VSL lathes had a cross-feed dials of a...

Boxford, South Bend & Smart & Brown 100/127t inch to metric screwcutting transposing gear. This gear set will convert all imperial (inch) belt-drive Boxford lathes (except the late...

A ring to repair a broken "bull wheel" on the main spindle of all Boxford belt-drive lathes except the Model VSL

Boxford lathe Tumble Reverse Gear Early Models
This gear is for all Models prior to Serial Serial No. 11-13513 - the introduction of the Mk.2 Models that have a single lever...