Sold: Bench-mounted hand-operated planing machine

Bench-mounted hand-operated planing machine. A most useful device that produces, at very low tooling costs, flat surfaces around 7 inches long and 6 inches wide. A bench-mounting metal planing machine - make unknown. I have had this for a few years and refurbished it some time ago but have not used it since so time to pass it on. There is no maker's name visible but it is substantially built and when I last used it, it performed very well. It is fairly typical in its construction with a screw-operated rise and fall to the 'saddle' which can be clamped in place using the four T-nuts which run in the vertical guide slots. Lateral movement is by handwheel and leadscrew - very smooth but slight backlash which is hardly surprising on something likely to be close to 100 years old. The screw-operated 'vertical' slide (again very smooth) holding the 'clapper box' tool holder (takes up to 5/8 inch square tools) can be rotated 90 degrees on either side of vertical. None of the feeds are graduated. I would think this originally was fitted with cast iron legs since the pinion which engages with the rack on the underside of the table projects below the main bed casting ad the machine is therefore mounted on a wooden 'pad' with a recess to accommodate the pinion. The table is 18 inches x 6 1/2 inches and has a movement of around 9 inches and then tends to become a little tight at the end of each stroke so the gibs may need adjustment - this has to be done from the underside of the table. The main bedways still have traces of the original scraper marks but these are not easily visible on the photo. Since it has not been used after it was refurbished it remains in very clean condition. One puzzling feature is the boss on the left of the main operating shaft. I originally thought this may have been for a secondary gear but there is no room to fit a gear on the end of a shaft so that it could engage with the main pinion. £450 or sensible offers. Details of small planing machines and their usefulness can be found here and an interesting article on a small planer made in recent years



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