Sold: Seba geared shaper - similar to Pinondo (Spain) 350 model

Seba shaper, circa1960s. Appears to have an identical technical specification to the Pinondo 350 model (see excellent and invaluable database The shaper is extremely well engineered - even the motor drive belt cover is a 10mm thick iron casting - with a 1.5 h.p, 3-phase motor controlled by a variable-speed inverter to facilitate fine control of the ram speed. The clapper box has an off/on auto lift, the cutting head has a 6-rate, adjustable up/down automatic feed rate and the ram is lubricated by a variable-flow pump. All these features combine to offer an outstandingly refined shaper (with metric execution). The robust, box-cube working table has normal T-slots (for 14mm threaded studs), a V-groove for bar work, and can be rotated to help with difficult jobs. The paint finish is original - but a little tired, as per the pictures. The machine is stamped No.725 and, when purchased, all the slideways were cleaned of their "as delivered" protective coating, revealing the manufacturer's original "frosting" showing that the machine has seen very little use. Included with the machine are:- the Pinondo service manual, the "Lathes" shaper user book, Sharpening of Lathe and Shaper Tools book, 5-off T-nuts plus a 20 mm lifting eye, and a suitable short lifting strap. Delivery, suitably strapped to a standard pallet, can be arranged at cost. The machine can easily be converted to  240-volt, single-phase with  DOL starter or with a VFD unit to control the motor speed with start/stop. The stop button is inoperative as the motor can be rapidly disengaged by the clutch. The machine vice shown in the pictures is not included in the sale. 




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Thetford, Norfolk
United Kingdom
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