Sold: Deckel GK21 Pantograph Engraving and Profile Milling Machine

Deckel GK21 Pantograph Engraving and Profile (die-sinking) Milling Machine. I've had this for a little while and is in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition. Fitted with a single-phase motor, both drive belts are in good condition and it has the work spindle assembly and the stylus holder. The tables are free of nasty marks and all the slideways operate very smoothly. The handwheels have resettable/adjustable dials with three graduated in 4 mm x .025 mm increments and one in 2 mm x .025 mm. Although there is some backlash in screws but the resettable dials can take care of that. Included are a selection of collets and styluses, three sets of fonts, the font-mounting plate,  two ‘forming guide holders’, and another item (in the same picture) the function of which is unknown. The machine's weight is quoted as 620kg – just under 1/3 ton but it does not have holes for lifting eyes as shown in the manual so will need careful slinging. It is now taking up too much space for the amount of use it gets – so much space that I cannot get a complete photo of it. Details of Deckel GK Series pantograph engravers here




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